10 Big Benefits of Blogging


A question I often get asked is, “Why Blog?” Unfortunately, when I do get this question, I simply can’t answer it with one short sentence.



This is because there are just too many benefits to mention about blogging. Thus, I’ve decided to write this blog article to explain why blogging is so beneficial to entrepreneurs and business owners.



Here are 10 big benefits of blogging:



1. Become A Better Writer

Most entrepreneurs and business owners have been out of school and rarely ever work on their writing skills. When you blog, you are subconsciously improving your writing skills.



Becoming a great writer can come in handy for numerous purposes. It makes you far more effective when dealing with clients or customers and it enables you to write crafty responses to others.



2. People Know Your Name


One of the biggest benefits of blogging is that you’re able to build a name for yourself or your business (depending on which one you blog under). Branding is something businesses pay thousands of dollars a year for, but blogging enables you to do it for far less.



If you write great content on your blog, people will appreciate you for that. It’s an easy way to brand yourself or your business by getting your message out to a massive audience, without spending a massive amount of money.



3. Builds Credibility and Authority


It’s one thing to talk about it and a whole another to write about it. When I launched my first company, I said a lot of great things but few people believed me because I lacked credibility.



I found my weakness and made it my strength by writing an effective blog under the company name. Suddenly when people searched my name or information about my company, they were ‘WOWed’ because I backed up what I said with real information.



4. Builds A Community Around You


Blogging enables you to build a community around your business or yourself. Many people think that blogging can make you more money and it can if it’s done right. Your purpose for blogging SHOULD NOT be to increase sales in your business.



Your goal is to give out free information, help others, or do something else along those lines. When you build a community of active individuals who trust you and look upon you for advice, your sales will automatically increase without you having to push your product.



5. You Learn A Lot


Blogging has been one of my biggest educators in business. Before you can write well, you must read a lot. Whether it’s reading other successful blogs or books in the business field……you’re reading something!



Great bloggers suck up knowledge like a sponge. Whether you realize it or not, you will automatically learn more about your industry and the topics that you blog about.



6. Ability To Review and Recap


Another great aspect of blogging is that you get to spend some alone time thinking, reviewing, and recapping everything going on in your business. It takes time for me to figure out what topics I want to blog about.



I usually blog about topics or things that excite me, taught me a lesson, or can help others. Regardless of what the topic is, I always take some time to think about everything going on in my businesses, which often leads to great discoveries.



7. Keeps You Ahead of the Competition


If you’re blogging and consistently pushing out information into the web sphere, you’re probably getting ahead of your competition. Here’s how you get ahead of the competition:


– More backlinks for your website.


– Nonstop branding for your business without much money being spent.


– Makes you more credible than the competitors who don’t blog.



8. Best Way To Network Online


Blogging is one of the best ways to network online without ever getting up from your chair. We’ve all been to conferences, mixers, or other ‘networking’ events that have been extremely tedious and tiring.



Blogging is a great way to substitute all that, while still establishing very meaningful connections. Write great content, share it with the world, and see how many people you really meet.



9. PR and Media Connections


I’ve had many influential people read my blog and give me a vote of confidence. Blogging has not only enabled me to spread my messages all over the world, but it brings me a ton of great connections.



It has enabled me to meet some great journalists, reporters, entrepreneurs, and others who have drastically helped me. Quite a few of my blog articles have been featured in Radio Shows, Magazines, and other media outlets creating a lot of buzz for me. You never know how far one blog article can go!



10. Written Journal


Something many people don’t realize about a blog is that it’s a written journal or diary that’s shared with the public. Often times, I forget some of the content I’ve written about myself.



Instead of having to research from the beginning, I can simply visit my blog and find the information I need. It’s easy to refresh my memory and my blog is a platform to see how much I’m growing on a month-to-month basis.





As you can see, blogging has a lot of benefits. The biggest concern people have is the time that it takes to write blog articles. As an entrepreneur running numerous startups, speaking at conferences all over the world, and doing many other things – I’ve managed to find time for blogging.



Make blogging one of your top priorities and it will always find time in your life. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on it, just enough to push great content. I write 3 articles a week and use approximately 5 hours each week on my blog.



photo credit: Mexicanwave via photopin cc

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