10 Celebrities Passionate About Entrepreneurship


There are many celebrities out there who in recent years have shown a strong liking for entrepreneurship. Whether they have invested in others or started their own ventures, they are all passionate about entrepreneurship.



In this article, I will share 10 celebrities passionate about entrepreneurship:



1. Kanye West



With Yeezus coming to the world very soon, Kanye West is making quite a splash as of late. After calling himself the Steve Jobs of culture, it is evident that Kanye West is a genius marketeer.



On the entrepreneurial side, Kanye West has designed numerous fashion lines for companies like Nike and Louis Vuitton. In addition to that, he has bought the franchising rights in Chicago for Fat Burger and plans to open over 10 chains throughout the area.



2. Ashton Kutcher


Ashton Kutcher is currently one of the most successful celebrity investors and entrepreneurs. He is an adviser and investor for numerous internet and social media startups.



Ashton got in early in companies like Air BnB and Skype and cashed in big since these companies are worth over $1 billion. He continues to find more startups interested in investments and helps elevate them to the next level.



3. Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake is personally one of my favorite celebrities. He’s a successful actor, musician, entrepreneur, and investor.



The social network actor has done quite a bit of investing and entrepreneurial ventures himself. He has invested in a few mobile development platforms, applications, and companies. On the entrepreneurial side, he has launched his own record label, clothing line, and restaurant to name a few.



4. Jessica Alba



Jessica Alba hasn’t done much investing, but she did catch the entrepreneurial bug very recently. Instead of investing in other entrepreneurs, she decided to go all out and launch her own business.



Her newly launched business is called The Honest Company. They provide an array of products that are infant-safe, which is a topic she is extremely passionate about after having children of her own. In March, the company raised over $27 million in venture capital.





Best known for being one of the founders of The Black Eyed Peas, is working on numerous projects that will be beneficial to the greater half of society.



In his latest project, he teams up with Bill Gates to bring coding to everyone. He’s working on a platform that will help kids as early as 8 years old learn to read and write code. His project can be seen at!



6. Lady Gaga



Lady Gaga has been revolutionizing the music industry with her unique styles and musical talents. She was the first artist to garner 1 billion YouTube views and continues to grow her “empire”.



Most recently, she has dived into entrepreneurship head on by launching perfume lines, headphones, comic books, and a cosmetic line. As crazy at it seems, she’s had a lot of success to date with her venture.



7. Jessica Simpson



Many people have forgotten about how big Jessica Simpson really was during the peak of her career. Even though she isn’t performing singles or on the screen as much, she’s found a way to keep herself busy.



Her clothing and beauty ventures have been extremely successful with reports saying she generated over $750 million of sales in 2010. Her empire consists of denim, swimsuits, maternity wear, fragrance lines, shoes, purses, and more.



 8. Robert De Niro



Many people say that Robert De Niro does not really fit the ‘entrepreneur’ profile so to speak. However, his actions definitely show otherwise.



Robert De Niro is the co-owner of the sushi giant Nobu, which has more than 24 locations across the world. He is also the co-owner of an Italian eatery and continues to grow his empire around his passion of restaurants.



9. Sandra Bullock


This one came as a real surprise to me! The natural funny-woman on television has a very high business acumen.



Sandra Bullock owns restaurants, bakeries, and flower shops in her hometown of Austin, Texas. She has also mentioned that she plans to add more businesses to her portfolio once she retires from the screen.



10. Victoria Beckham



Victoria Beckham is an international style icon and has done a lot to escape the shadow of her soccer superstar husband, David Beckham. Many people even remember her as one of the members of The Spice Girls, the popular British group from the 90’s.



On the entrepreneurial side, Victoria Beckham is working hard on her fashionable clothing line. Her fashion line has received praise from celebrities, large publications, and department stores.





While most celebrities are most notably known for their successes as actors/actresses, athletes and musicians, many of them have been just as successful launching businesses of their own.


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