10 Common Characteristics of Entrepreneurs


After I became an entrepreneur, I started spotting them everywhere. Most of these people didn’t even know that they were entrepreneurs.



Entrepreneurs often share many common characteristics that really separate them from non-entrepreneurs. In this article, I’m going to share 10 common characteristics of entrepreneurs:



1. You Can’t Keep Them In A Box


Entrepreneurs are extremely creative. Give them a job in a cubicle or something that’s repetitive and they will rebel. The reason I became an entrepreneur was because I worked in a cubicle as a project manager and the whole experience became very mundane.



I knew I couldn’t do this for the rest of my life and I simply quit. After trying a little bit of everything, I somehow stumbled upon entrepreneurship and have fallen in love since.



2. They’re Believers


People are who confident, positive thinkers, and always believe are usually great entrepreneurs.



They believe heavily in the projects and things they do, which usually leads to success in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs must believe and do everything possible to achieve in order to succeed.



3. They’re Risk Takers


Entrepreneurs are daring individuals that are willing to calculated risks when necessary. As a high school senior, quitting my job without any plan in mind was a pretty big risk.



However, it was one of the best risks I took because it opened up my eyes to a whole new career. Typically individuals who are willing to take a leap of faith often stumble upon entrepreneurship.



4. A Burning Desire To Be More


I work with a lot of startups as a consultant, advisor, and an investor. The biggest thing I look for in a founding team is the ambition that they have.



Successful entrepreneurs have a burning desire to succeed and achieve their purpose. If you strive to be the greatest in something, you’re definitely thinking like an entrepreneur.



5. They Don’t Take NO For An Answer


As an entrepreneur, the difference between success and failure is how you react to the answer NO. Most people take the answer NO and live with it, while others refuse to accept it.



Successful entrepreneurs never live with the answer NO. They will do whatever it takes to get what they need.



6. They’re Not Scared To Fail


For some reason many people are extremely scared of failure. Entrepreneurs on the other hand understand that everyone fails and it’s part of the process.



As long as the failure leads to growth in some way, you’re on the right path. I personally believe failure doesn’t define you or your business. It’s rather an event (something that happens on a certain day). If you don’t get back up and try again, then failure will define you.



7. Work Hard, Sleep Less


Entrepreneurs are hard-working individuals. Many of them can be found working long across the night because they’re truly passionate about what they’re doing.



People who are willing to put in a 110% into everything they do make the best entrepreneurs!



8. Love What You Do 


The best entrepreneurs are the ones who are driven by passion. If you’re passionate about the work you do, your chances of success dramatically increase.



Entrepreneurs love what they do and are extremely passionate about seeing their ideas succeed on a grand scale.



9. They Don’t Need To Be Babied 


The best thing about entrepreneurs is that they are self-starters. They don’t need a motherly figure in their life who will constantly tell them what they need to do.



They are free-spirits who embrace the freedom to do whatever they want. Through their freedom and creative spirit, they are able to create amazing things.



10. They’re Hungry


Entrepreneurs are hungry for a better life. Whether they’re trying to change the world, achieve financial freedom, or simply do what they love, entrepreneurs have a deeper motivation to succeed.



If you’re determined to succeed and achieve your goals, you eventually will! The best entrepreneurs are the ones who want to accomplish something more than anything else.





In this article, I share 10 common characteristics of entrepreneurs. Do you have some characteristics that make you more of an entrepreneur? Share them below!




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