10 Hobbies That Can Help Your Resume In Anything You Do

There are many hobbies that are not only enjoyable, but they can teach you skills or talents that can help you grow. One of the ways that they can help you grow is by building up your resume and making you more of a well-rounded individual.

A lot of jobseekers look for skills just as much as they look for accomplishments. You can be well-versed in numerous areas that can make you a far better candidate by partaking in some hobbies. These hobbies are not only fun, but can help you in your career as well.

Here are 10 hobbies that can help your resume in anything you do:

1. Volunteer Work/Community Involvement

Many companies are actively involved in their local communities, so any community involvement or volunteer work you reference could easily be considered relevant. If you’ve done any regular volunteering with or without your relevant work skills, consider including the role(s) in a separate resume section (titled something like “Volunteer Experience”).

2. Video Production

Video production as a hobby can make you an appealing candidate for an event planning or production role. Pretty much in any position or job, producing videos and taking videos can be a useful skill. It doesn’t necessarily need to be your primarily role in your company, but it’s an additional skill that can help.

3. Writing

A bit of creative writing can showcase your creative side. Writing is a great tool to expand your brain and to get your creative juices flowing. Not only that, but being able to write enables you to communicate better with co-workers and clients. Writing is a highly sought-after skill that most people are just not that great at.

4. Endurance Sports

Competing in endurance sports like marathons, triathlons, or cycling can show drive, tenacity, and dedication. These qualities are desirable for business development, account management and sales roles, which may boost your candidacy in the hiring manager’s eye.

5. Art

Are you creative in any way? Do you paint, take pictures, sculpt, or create stuff through some other artistic medium? Creative people are often creative problem solvers. Companies across all industries are always looking for creative problem solvers making art an awesome hobby.

6. Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is one of the toughest things to do in the world. It requires a lot of courage, bravery and persistence to climb to the peak of a mountain. These are all skills and a mental mindset that can be used in almost any career you take on. Showing an employer this outside the box hobby can absolutely help them relate to your mental toughness.

7. Brain Games

Love Sudoku? Can you answer the Sunday edition of the New York Times Crossword with ease? It tells the hiring manager that you have analytical and logical skills and the love of crosswords could show an extensive vocabulary. A love for analytical games and puzzles shows that you like to exercise your mind during your downtime, which is an appealing skill for many employers.

8. Photography

Photography can be a valuable hobby to take on if you’re looking for an account or creative director position at a digital marketing agency since it communicates creativity, positioning, and patience. These are all skills that can be helpful in your target roles. If you have a current, well-curated website, be sure to direct potential employers there with a link to your site.

9. Gaming

Many companies (especially in the IT sector) encourage multiplayer video gaming as a team-building activity and as a way to de-stress. If you’re aiming for a job in tech, noting gaming as a personal interest could prove beneficial.

10. Collecting

Anything from stamp collecting to a passion for rare antiques can show that you have diverse interests outside of your profession. Collectors often have great organizational and networking skills, which are two skills that could really come in handy in a variety of different jobs.


Too many people focus on only their accomplishments and previous work experience when building a resume. However, what you do outside of work is also just as important. In this post, I shared with you 10 hobbies that can help your resume in anything you do.

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