10 Motivational Tips to Get What You Want


Do you have big things you’ve wanted to accomplish? Have you struggled in accomplishing these things because you lacked the motivation necessary to get them done?



Sometimes, a lack of motivation and a lack of belief can be result in you not getting what you want. Whether you want to lose some weight, build the next million-dollar company, or travel the world…it’s all possible as long as you take the right steps necessary!



I journeyed into the entrepreneurial world at the age of 17. I had no experience, no degree, and no cash when I got started. The one thing I did have was the motivation and commitment to succeed.



Using that motivation, I navigated my way through obstacles, mistakes, and failures to find my own successes in the entrepreneurial world. I was 19 years old when I saw my first company get acquired and this was all possible because of my drive.



In this blog article, I’m going to share with you 10 motivational tips to get what you want.



Tip #1: Believe to Achieve


Knowing what you want is the easy part, but believing that you will have it no matter what is the tough part. A very famous documentary (available on Netflix) known as “The Secret” shares interviews from successful people who illustrate the importance of strong belief.


Before you can accomplish anything, you need to believe that you will get the job done no matter what. Having a consistent belief is extremely important to be successful.



Tip #2: Do What Others Aren’t Willing To Do


Earning things in life are not easy. If they were easy, then everyone would achieve those things. Before trying to get what you want, think about if you’re willing to do what most others won’t do.


Successful people have often attributed their success to pushing past all known limits. Are you willing to go on a strict diet? Are you willing to work 18 hours a day? Are you willing to stay in the gym even after everyone else leaves? These are all questions you should ask yourself before getting started.



Tip #3: Failure Isn’t An Option


To get what you want in life, you must know that failure isn’t an option. The only way you can fail is if you give up on your goals. Early on, I learned that embracing failure and using it to work harder is the only way to truly achieve success.


Failure does not define you or what you’re doing, unless you let it. By giving up, you let failure be the last man standing. To succeed and accomplish anything, you must be willing to get back up and try again no matter what happens.



Tip #4: Start Starting


Many people begin fantasizing about the outcome, but never actually get started. Just thinking about the outcome alone will not help you reach your goals. You have to get started and the sooner you do, the faster you will succeed.



Tip #5: Go For It All


Aim for the moon because even if you fail, you’ll end up in the stars. If you have a goal of losing 25 pounds of weight by the end of the year, push yourself to the limit. Tell yourself that you will lose 30 pounds of weight in 6 months because even if you don’t make your initial goal happen, you will still be way ahead of your original plan.



Tip #6: Work Smarter, Not Harder


When trying to achieve great things, you don’t always need to work harder than the rest of the world. Sometimes, you can just work smarter and achieve just as much or more than others. Always map out your goals and create a plan to see what the most efficient way of achieving it is.



Tip #7: Surround Yourself With Motivators


A popular saying goes that if you can’t change your friends, you should change your friends. In order to be successful at anything, you need a group of people who are willing to support you and motivate you towards your goals. There is no better source of motivation than your friends and family pushing you to success.



Tip #8: Enjoy The Challenge


Life is all about enjoying all the things you do. If you’re not passionate or excited about achieving your goals, it’s going to be a long and treacherous journey. Whether it’s the outcome or the progression that excites you, find some way of making the whole experience fun.



Tip #9: Find Great Mentors


Sometimes you need an extra push from a great mentor. If you have plans of achieving big things, find someone who you wouldn’t mind being. If you’re looking to lose weight, find personal trainers that have accomplished a similar feat. If you want to build a multi-million dollar business, find successful entrepreneurs who have already done that.



Tip #10: Do It For You


Don’t take on a challenge that isn’t for you. When achieving goals, always do things that you want to do. Don’t let a friend who constantly makes fat jokes be the only reason why you want to hit the gym. Be sure that you yourself want to do this.





These 10 tips and strategies should help you get one step closer to your goals. These motivational tips work best when practiced regularly, so be sure to look back to this list as much as possible!



photo credit: billsoPHOTO via photopin cc

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