10 Reasons To Launch A Startup In College


I launched my first business at the age of 17 while I was still a senior in high school. It was the final semester of high school and I was extremely motivated to do something big.



I was lucky to find this motivation at an early age, which is something that other people don’t find till later on in their lives. While most entrepreneurs debate whether a college degree is important or not, I want to discuss 10 reasons why students should build a startup during college.



1. Professors Are Helpful Resources


Many professors or faculty members at colleges can be valuable resources for students who are creating a new startup. I’ve met tons of business professors who have businesses on the side or built successful companies in the past.



Not only that, but you have access to professors who have expertise in all different fields. It’s an easy, but effective way to reach out to faculty members to get additional help for your startup.



2. It’s The Easiest Life Will Ever Be 


While your college classes may seem hard, life could be a lot tougher. Launching a startup in college is the best timing for many students since it’s the easiest life will ever be.



As a college student, your expenses are low, frugal living is part of your DNA, and hopefully you don’t have any overwhelming responsibilities. This is the perfect recipe for building a successful startup.



3. Testers Everywhere


One of the greatest parts about starting a business in college is that you have beta testers and potential customers everywhere.



It’s as easy as reaching out to a professor or a club and asking them if they’d be willing to help you test your product or startup with a large group of students. This gives you a cost-effective way to get feedback and quality output from your classmates.



4. Endless Energy


Your 20’s are generally your prime years for getting things done. Even though most of us spend this time partying and having a blast with friends, it’s the time when you can be the most productive.



Utilizing your 20’s to build a startup company is great because you have the energy and drive to succeed. When your life has no direction, it’s the best time to create a startup because you can find that direction quickly.



5. History Repeats Itself


Popular startups that went on to become billion dollar companies have often times originated during college. Facebook, Microsoft, Dell, Apple, and many other successful businesses were started by entrepreneurs in college.



6. You Have A Backup Plan 


You’re in college for a reason. You’ve created a plan on what you will do once you graduate from college. If your startup doesn’t go well and fails, nothing changes.



By creating a startup in college, you literally lose nothing besides some sleep. If everything fails, you get back to the grind in class and start working towards your degree or fall back plan.



7. Networking For Life


In business, it’s all about the people you know more than what you know yourself. Connections can have life-long implications that can be extremely beneficial to your business.



By starting a business in college, you can have many doors opened to you. Not only that, but you may end up meeting people who may change your life forever.



8. Get Access To Tools


Many colleges provide tools to students to utilize for free at a library or computer science building. Tools like Adobe Master Suite, Prezi, or Dreamspark can be acquired for free simply because you have a .edu email address.



9. Your Story Sells


Students that show a passion for building startups while in college tend to sell a lot more in the media/press. It’s always great to see someone young chasing their dreams and succeeding.



If all these reasons aren’t enough, just know that your startup will get more media coverage because you’re still in college.



10. College Is All About The Experiences


You attend college because you want to experience new things and moments that will last you a lifetime. What better way to experiment in college than to create a startup to learn more about what it takes to build a successful company.





Entrepreneurship is something that everyone should try at some point in their life. It’s fun, exciting, and can teach you a lot about business and life. These are 10 reasons why you should launch a startup while you’re in college.



photo credit: BdwayDiva1 via photopin cc

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