10 Successful Home Businesses You Can Start With No Experience

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Are you tired of working at the same office and want to escape the rat race at your workplace? Do you plan to have your own business, but are hesitant because you don’t have much experience?


There are plenty of ways to earn money if you become tired of going through the same routine every day. Many firms and companies offer work-at-home jobs, but the growing trend in the world has been starting your own businesses from home. To be honest with you, half of the week I actually work out of my house as well. Even with little to no experience, you can start a home-based business and earn a sufficient income.


Here are 10 successful home business you can start with no experience.


1. Meal Prepping 


If you love cooking or have a hobby for being a chef, you can turn it into a quick and easy business with no experience. Tons of busy professionals are looking to make lifestyle changes and eat healthier. Create a ‘weekly’ menu and prepare all your foods with organic and healthy ingredients. You’ll be able to make all your food in the comfort of your home and package it for your customers. From there, your customers can either pick it up or you can hire a delivery person to drop off all the food to your clients.


2. Blogger


Being a blogger is still PROFITABLE today. People are shocked to find out that they can still make a successful living from blogging, but it’s more doable than ever. Even though it is common, it’s one of the most popular and profitable work from home opportunities available. If you have knowledge in a space and enjoy writing, start up a website and build an audience around your blog. Many digital entrepreneurs started earning from home by launching their own blog and finding ways to monetize it. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but you can surely make money from it in the comfort of your house.


3. E-Commerce Retailer


Online retail has grown more than ever before. If you have some money to invest upfront, you can utilize a platform such as Shopify or Amazon to launch your own products. Find a supplier using a site like Alibaba or locally and launch your own brand. In 2016 alone, $136 billion of revenue was generated by Amazon. Online retail is taking over the world and you can get a piece of the pie all while sitting at home in your pajamas. Not only that, but you can even look into drop shipping so you never have to touch the inventory.


4. Tutoring


Online tutoring has become extremely popular because the student and the tutor can learn/teach from the confines of their house. I was actually shocked to find out how big the online tutoring world has become. The other day, I found out that my brother had a tutor in another state and they had weekly video chat sessions to go over material. My brother has had absolutely no complaints and he’s actually happier that the sessions are done online instead of in person.


5. Affiliate Marketing 


Affiliate Marketing has a negative connotation around it because of the way that people have abused it in recent years. However, when affiliate marketing is approached correctly, it’s actually still a very profitable and successful business opportunity. If you have your own website or social media following, you can sell products of companies that you believe in and if they choose to sign up, you’ll get a commission or reward for referring the user over.


6. Business Coaching


If you have a ton of business acumen or experience, you can actually launch your own coaching business. Surprisingly, experienced business coaches can earn up to $500 per hour for sharing their expertise. Business coaching helps aspiring entrepreneurs find success, help new business owners launch their companies and they help experienced entrepreneurs keep up with demand.


7. Copywriting 


Copywriters are mainly in charge of writing content for a website, advertisements, marketing campaigns, commercials, newsletters, mailings and many other types of things. Copywriters usually have a degree in marketing, advertising or communication, but it’s clearly not necessary. Businesses will hire you if you can deliver tasks with a superior level of quality on time!


8. Editing


Just like Copywriting, this is another freelance gig where it may be helpful to have some kind of degree, but not completely necessary. There are many forms of editing that you can take on too depending on your skills and passions. You can help aspiring authors edit their manuscripts and books from the comfort of your home. Not only that, but if you’re more into the digital stuff, you can be a video editor and utilize software to help edit projects.


9. Graphic Design


Graphic designers who work at companies often complain of the stress they get from their bosses. If you have no experience as a graphic designer, you can still start a graphic design business. You just have to take an online course or self-educate yourself on how to be a good graphic designer. If you possess the skills of a graphic designer, then pursue it. Eventually, you will find clients for whom you will create flyers, informational pamphlets, product catalogs, advertisements and more. It is one of the most well-known business where you can earn at home and be your own boss.


10. Be A Music Teacher


Many parents want their children to excel in many aspects of life. One of them is music. If you have the talent to play musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, violin, then you can use this skill to teach children. You can accept students at your home where you can teach them one-on-one and on a regular basis.




With more and more opportunities to work at home opening up, there is no better time to start your own home-based business than now. In this post, I shared with you 10 successful home businesses you can start with no experience.