10 Things Everyone Should Learn In Their Twenty-Somethings To Live A Great Life

About a month and a half ago, I turned 24 years old. It finally hit me that I was swiftly moving through my twenties. I can remember just the other day being 17 years old and venturing out in the world of entrepreneurship like it was yesterday.

However, time flies. There is one constant in the world that cannot be changed, altered or stopped regardless of what we try. That is known as time. However, in the 4 years that I’ve been a twenty-something….I’ve learned quite a bit. Many things that I consider life changing.

In this post, I share 10 things everyone should learn in their twenty-somethings to live a great life:

1. It’s Always Okay To Ask For Help 

Whether it’s an ego or a pride thing, many people have a very tough time asking for help. When I hit my twenties, I quickly realized that there was a lot I didn’t know. However, some really smart people knew how to do certain things and were more than willing to teach me. If you’re ever in need of help whether it’s work related or hobby related, don’t be afraid to ask.

2. Cherish Your Friendships 

Within the last year, I learned more about friendships and people in my life than I had ever before. I went through some of the toughest times in my life and I was backstabbed by some of the closest people that I had known for almost my entire life. I quickly learned that you have to cherish the good people in your life and make them a priority while also eliminating toxic people and relationships out of your life.

3. Saying “NO” Is Very Important 

For the first two years of my entrepreneurial career, I never said no to anyone as I thought it was a rude thing to say. As a result, I catered to everyones needs and tried to help everyone in their projects. I became overwhelmed and the results just weren’t there. I quickly learned that it was okay to respectfully say “NO” when necessary. Many people don’t realize that it’s okay to say no and sometimes the best thing to do.

4. Invest In Yourself 

Whether it’s your health, education, career or personal life, you should always be investing in yourself. Workout, eat healthy, constantly learn new things, find ways to advance your career and put yourself out there so you can meet new people. The earlier you invest in yourself and your own happiness, the better your life will be.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For What You Want 

Whether you want a raise, a date or extra time to finish a project, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and what you’ll need. I grew up being terrified of ever asking anyone for anything. The fear of rejection stopped me from asking people anything. Then, I realized that it didn’t matter. The worst answer you’ll hear is no, which doesn’t change from where you stand before asking for it.

6. Learn To Forgive People On Your Own Time 

Nobody is perfect. Due to the imperfections that exist in the world, you are bound to get hurt, angered and frustrated by others. Some people may do you really wrong while others may make small mistakes with you. Regardless of what it is, holding grudges are tiring. You don’t have to forgive anyone immediately, do it on your time but learn to let go.

7. Health Not Wealth Is The Most Important Thing 

I’ve learned that you can always get more money in life, but you only get one chance at living life. How you take care of your body and your health is crucial to the rest of your life. I’ve lost a ton of money with investments and other things over the last few years and while those losses have been tough, I’ve realized that earning more money is always attainable. Health is a one-time thing.

8. There Is No Price On Experiences 

A common theme of discussions I’ve seen in the last few years between my friends and I have been in regards to what the monetary value of various things are. To me, travel and the experiences you share with your loved ones have no price. Live life on your terms and don’t put a value on things in life that are priceless.

9. Chase Passions Not Paychecks 

Many people in their twenties care about making as much money as they can without realizing that happiness is far more important. If there is something you’re truly passionate about or love, focus your time and attention on that. Chase the things you love in life and try to turn that into a paycheck.

10. You Have The Ability To Achieve Anything You Put Your Mind On 

Many are intimidated by the real world and are fearful of what they can do. Instead of trying to change the world or setting their mind on a massive goal, they try to fit in. However, if you put set your mind on something (regardless of how massive the goal is), you have the potential to achieve it.


In this post, I shared 10 things everyone should learn in their twenty-somethings to live a great life. What are some tips and pieces of advice you can offer to others?

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