10 Things Stopping You From Being Successful


Regardless of what your profession or craft is, everyone wants to be successful. If success was easy, then everyone would be at the top 1% of their game.



Unfortunately, success doesn’t come easy for anyone. In America, we have something called the 1% which is the epitome of success. 1 percenters are the seen as the most successful individuals in our country, but all of them have had quite a journey to their own success.



Success isn’t easy and it never will be. In this blog article, I will share 10 things stopping you from being successful and how you can overcome them:



1. Putting Things Away For Tomorrow


Procrastination is what they call this. Successful people never save work for another day. They focus on getting everything done when it needs to be done regardless of how long they may have to stay back at the office.



If you’re committed to succeeding at your craft, nothing should stop you from putting in the hours necessary to succeed. Some of the best NBA players have been seen coming to the gym first and leaving last.



2. Friends That Could Care Less About Success


Success can often times be limited by the people you spend your time with. Are you spending time with people who are better than you or on a similar path?



Stop spending time with people who bring you down and don’t add to your success. There’s a saying that goes “If you can’t change your friends, change your friends.”



3. Lack of Belief


If you have ever watched a movie called The Secret, you know how important your inner belief is. Belief is believing that your goals have already been achieved and it’s just a matter of time before you achieve them. The greatest minds in history have been successful through all adversity thanks to their untouchable beliefs.



Stop doubting you and your goals. If you really believe in something and want to achieve it, develop a strong mindset. Be grateful for your achievements along the way and live your life around those goals. Believe you have achieved it and it is just a matter of when the rewards come to you.



4. No Motivation


Staying motivated around the clock while you stay on the grind is not easy. However, motivation is the driving force for success and it’s crucial to find a way to stay motivated as much as possible.



If you want to be successful, you need to be motivated to achieve your success goals. Find things, stories, videos, or even people who motivate and inspire you to stay on track.



5. You Think Failure is Final


Failure is something all success stories have had to deal with at some point of time. The attitude with which you tackle failure is extremely crucial to your success. Failure is not final and it’s just an opportunity to learn.



Learn why you failed and embrace it. Failure doesn’t define you as a person or business, it’s just an event that happened at a time and place.





6. Hobbies Don’t Equate to Success


Many people think part-time gigs and hobbies can translate into huge successes. Unfortunately, the truth is that you have to work your ass off all day and night to be successful.



If you have big plans for success, you need to re-strategize your plan of action. Figure out which things you really want to be successful at and see how you can put all your time into it.



7. Willing to Settle for Anything Less


Successful people set goals and refuse to settle for anything but what they wanted initially. Imagine what would have happened to the world if some of the best athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs were willing to settle for less. What would happen if NFL teams were willing to settle for conference championships instead of Superbowls?



Do not change your images of success. Change your plan of action if anything. Do not settle for anything less than what you initially planned. No goal is impossible or crazy, it just takes perspiration and serious determination to succeed.



8. Lack of Persistence


Sometimes, it takes numerous tries to get something right. If you’re lucky it make take you 5 or 10 different tries to make something work. If you’re not so lucky, it may take you 200-500 different tries to make something work. Persistence is key and those who give up never realize how close they were.



Don’t give up. If you have goals in mind, do whatever it takes to succeed. It’s important to stay persistent at your craft. Consistently test, experiment, and try new methods of achieving, but never give up.



9. You Don’t Educate Yourself


A degree from college means nothing. Learning and self-education is one of the most important characteristics for success. The greatest masterminds in the world spend time learning something new about their craft everyday, which helped them become the masters of their destiny.



Don’t look at your fancy degree or high school classes as the final stop for education. Continue learning and educate yourself on things that can help you master your own goals.



10. Stop Stressing, Start Having Fun


At the end of the day, success is nothing if you aren’t having fun. It’s okay to have stressful moments on your way to success, but you shouldn’t be stressed out all the time. Whatever your craft may be, make sure it’s something that you’re passionate about and enjoy doing.



Having fun is crucial to success. If you don’t love what you do, you won’t be very good at it. You can try to love something, but it’s just not the same. Find the fun in your craft and leverage that to get to the top.





As I said earlier, success isn’t easy. However, success can be achieved and overcoming these 10 things can greatly attribute to your success.



photo credit: Ed Callow [ torquespeak ] via photopin cc

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