10 Things Successful People Do That Others Don’t


Overnight successes never really happen overnight. People all judge outcome, but never the process leading up to the success.



Over my few shorts years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of other successful people. If you meet 5 millionaires for 5 minutes, you will automatically know the common traits they share.



Surprisingly enough, I’ve seen that these common traits are shared almost universally by most successful stories. Successful people do things that others aren’t often willing to do.



Here are 10 things successful people do that others don’t:



1. They Dream & They Do


Anyone can be a dreamer. It takes a special someone to be a dreamer and a doer. Successful people are always doers.



They dream great things, but they know it won’t happen unless they put it into action. Successful people always dream and plan hard before wasting little to no time to put their ideas into action.



2. They Grind


Successful people work hard, very hard. They’re willing to grind and put in long hours without any return.



Most people think they should be getting paid immediately after putting time into something. It’s not their fault, society has raised us this way with the ‘hourly wage’ system.



However, entrepreneurship isn’t an hourly wage type of job. It’s a long-term commitment. You work your ass off for free for the next 2 years on the hope that it will pay off 5 years later.



Successful people are willing to put in as much time and effort necessary to succeed. They work long nights, stay focused, and never give up.



3. No Excuses


Excuses don’t exist in the books of successful people. Great people don’t make excuses, they take accountability.



Successful people will always step up to the plate and take accountability in any situation (no matter how bad it may be). They are willing to take blame because they know they will bounce back.



4. Mindset


Successful people already knew they were going to be successful. They set goals and meet them.



Success is a mindset in many ways. If you want to be successful, you need to tell yourself that there is nothing in the world that will stop you from doing what you need to do.



5. They Take Risks


No risk, no reward. That’s a basic lesson of life. Successful people know they have to take risks and many of them have taken huge ones to get where they are today.



Whether it’s dropping out of school to pursue your dreams or quitting your 9 to 5 job, successful people take risks to make their dreams come true. When they take risks, the pressure elevates and successful people are clutch.



6. They Never Stop Learning


Once you receive your degree and graduate from high school or college, that is only the beginning of your education. In my opinion, school teaches you more how to learn rather than set you up with education that will last your whole life.



Education is something that never dies. Successful people know that and are always willing to improve their knowledge base.



7. They Sell


In order to make money, you must be selling something. Whether it’s a product, service, tool, feature, subscription, or yourself……you’re selling something.



All successful people have sold a fair-share of something to get where they are. You need to adopt the skills necessary to be a successful salesman in the world today. The more you sell, the more money you make.



8. They Do It For More Than The Money


Successful people have always told me, don’t do it only for the money. The money is nice because who wants to cry on the side of the street when they can do it in a Mercedes, but it’s not everything.



Your motivation needs to come from something deeper than your love of money. Find something you’re passionate about and a really good reason why you want to do it!



9. Strong Discipline


Successful people discipline themselves. They know in their heads that success won’t come easy. They whip themselves to make sure they’re doing what they need to be doing.



Should I spend a day hanging out with my friends or should I use that day to continue working on my venture? Successful people are able to fight off these thoughts and would use the day to work on their venture.



10. They’re Hungry


Many successful people will tell you that they were really passionate about changing their lives and becoming financially free. They may have literally been hungry or may have grown up in an environment where money was scarce.



Regardless of the reason, successful people are hungry. They’re never satisfied by the tastes of success and continue working hard until they reach the end of their goal. When you become satisfied, you never grow. Successful people are always hungry to achieve more!





As you can see from the article above, these are quite a few of the most common characteristics many successful people around the world share. Success comes to those who truly want it. Share some things you’ve noticed about successful people below.



photo credit: Paxson Woelber via photopin cc

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