10 Work Life Balance Tips For Being Productive & Happy

Anyone with a job and a beating heart know the stress of balancing a job and some of the demands that can be found outside of an office. As an entrepreneur, your work life is even more hectic making it far more difficult to find the proper balance.

Striking a healthy work-life balance is a difficult thing to manage even in the best of times. Numerous studies have shown the most productive employees and bosses are well-rounded professionals with well-balanced lives. Likewise, the most successful companies are those that foster employee health and well-being while enhancing organizational performance and productivity.

Here are 10 work life balance tips for being productive & happy:

1. Turn Off Push Notifications

If you feel shackled to your computer or smartphone and are incessantly checking your email, your brain never truly has time to rest and recover. Plus, you’re probably at dinner with your significant other constantly checking your emails instead of giving them your undivided attention. It’s more than a little rude. During non-working hours, turn off notifications from:

– Email

– Social media accounts

– Apps

Taking this small step allows you be more in control of your time and a better participant in your relationships.

2. Organize Your Week The Right Way

Start by figuring out how you’re tackling your week as a whole. There very well might be a “right” way to take on the week so that you can have the proper work-life balance. Make the most out of your Monday because it will set the pace for the rest of the week for you. The harder you work to start the week off, the better chance you’ll have to get free time later on during the week.

3. Track Your Time

Analyzing your present situation is the beginning step in achieving a balanced life. Keep a time log of everything you do for one week, including work-related and personal activities. This data will serve as way to help you understand how you are using and where you are losing your time.

4. Be Mindful In Your Decision Making

It’s important to make choices that elevate your best self, both in the office and at home. Next time you’re about to make a quick decision at work, slow it down and make sure you’re making one that will set you up for more peace and happiness. Every decision usually has a consequence or an outcome and spending more time thinking about the end result may guide you better initially.

5. Set Specific Goals

Take your list of priorities and turn them into concrete and measurable goals. Block time into your schedule for activities just like you would for an important meeting or a doctor’s appointment. Not only that, but don’t just set goals for the work side of things. You need to also be mindful of personal goals and family goals that you set as well.

6. Take Your Hard-Earned Vacation Time

The average American only takes 10 of his allotted 14 vacation days and often times in competitive work environments, many workers take even less. Remember that vacation time is part of your compensation. Studies have shown that workers who do use their vacation time come back as more productive and happier employees.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Delegate

There’s nothing wrong with sharing responsibility, especially if it makes you more effective in your job or as a boss. When you’re really struggling, identify which tasks are “you” tasks only and which ones can be handled effectively by someone else.

8. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is not only good for you physically, but researchers have found that it also has ties to helping the human brain cope with stress, depression and anxiety. Research also showed that exercise causes a release of norepinephrine, which is a neuromodulator that helps the brain handle stress.

9. Leave Work At Work

Develop a mental on and off switch between work and home. It helps to establish a transitional activity between the two realms. This might consist of listening to music or recorded books during your evening commute, exercising at the fitness center, running errands, or keeping personal appointments. Scheduling such activities immediately following your normal work hours ensures that you actually leave the office when you should be.

10. Hire Help

Remember, having it all doesn’t mean you actually have to do it all. If you can afford to, hiring help for chores such as laundry or lawn maintenance can free up more of your non-work time for more enjoyable activities. You can also hire a maid to come and clean your house so it’s very important for you to know that it’s okay to hire outside help.


Finding a simple work-life balance takes time and effort, but it can dramatically impact your happiness and overall success. In this post, I shared with you the 10 work life balance tips for being productive & happy.

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