40 Different Million Dollar Business Ideas You Can Launch For Close To Nothing

Chances are, just about anyone you talk with will have an idea for a business that they think can make millions. Although business pitches may be easy to come by, turning those ideas into massive wins is a whole different ballgame. However, many entrepreneurs with simple ideas and humble beginnings have been able to effectively turn various ideas into winning businesses.

Today, many people today are looking to leave the daily grind for something that feeds their passion. People do not want to retire at the age of 60 (or older) to look back on life and feel they have wasted it.

Choosing the path of entrepreneurship and working on your side hustle business idea is without a doubt riskier than being content with holding a 9 to 5 job. It requires way more sacrifice. However, once you’re reaping the lifestyle benefits of being your own boss and hustling your way into making significantly more money than you ever could at your day job, the hard work will have all been worth it.

Luckily, it is now increasingly easier to start a business from scratch without spending a fortune. Here are 40 different million dollar business ideas you can launch for close to nothing:

1. Mobile App Developer

Mobile applications are more popular than ever and people are willing to pay good money for ways to manage their lives from their smartphones. If you have a great idea and happen to know coding, you can run with it and create your app yourself. If you just have an idea, there are plenty of software developers looking to collaborate with people on app ideas as well.

2. Vlogging

While many people are against the idea of blogging nowadays since it’s too saturated, video blogging still has tons of opportunities available. It doesn’t take a lot of money to start and you can focus on creating content that is high in quality and caters to your passions. If you can share knowledge and start a YouTube channel, you have the possibility to make six to seven figures a year with a solid Vlog.

3. Hostel Owner

With services like Airbnb, everyone can turn their house, garage or just a single room into a unique accommodation for tourists and travelers from all around the world. The platform will take care of the initial exposure and will provide a way for owners and clients to conveniently communicate. If you happen to own a house in a very attractive destination, you can even expect to earn pretty good money.

4. Language Teacher

For a long time, language teaching has been the go to way of making money on the side for students and even full-time high-school or university teachers. Now, with Skype and ubiquitous internet access, everyone can start teaching languages from the comfort of his or her home. You don’t even have to know any foreign language yourself – there are many advanced learners who are happy to just practice their conversation skills.

5. Consulting

It doesn’t matter what you consult on as long as you are an expert and enjoy doing it. Consulting allows you to dictate your own working hours and your own prices. Find out what your value to the market is and start acquiring clients over time. Many self employed consults work alone, but rake in millions because of their expertise.

6. VR Developer

The virtual reality software market is expected to reach $24.5 billion dollars in revenue by 2020. A good chunk of that revenue could be in your pocket if you’re willing to learn about a new space. All you have to do is learn how to develop immersive VR and AR experiences. The internet is full of resources and communities of like-minded people to help you along the way.

7. Career Coaching

The millennial generation faces a much tougher job market than any generation before. There’s no doubt that many people will feel clueless about which direction they should take to maximize their chances of having a bright future ahead of them. A career coach can do his or her work either from an office or via the internet.

8. Online Teaching

The success of Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman “Sal” Khan, has proved the effectiveness of online teaching and paved the way for talented educators and their students. You can sell your expertise as video content on YouTube or create your own website and charge your students on an hourly basis for Skype lessons. There are numerous monetization options, but knowledge is always value to someone else.

9. Personal Shopper

Shopping for groceries, clothes, or electronic goods can eat up a lot of time very quickly. A personal shopper can help busy people reclaim this time in exchange for a small fee. A personal shopper can be someone who goes to stores in person or it can be someone gives online recommendations about which product the client should buy.

10. Online Store

Opening an online e-commerce store is just as viable option how to make a living as it was a decade ago. The completion is definitely tougher, but you have an access to a wide range of free tools that you can use to set everything up with very little effort. Not only that, but online stores have much less startup costs than actual retail stores.

11. Food Truck

Do you like to cook and come up with creative food ideas? Then, opening a food truck might be just for you. Even if you can hardly make a cup of tea, you can still get in the business. Simply hire chefs and other experienced individuals to help you with your idea. If you’re low on capital, seek out investors and partners that are willing to buy into your vision.

12. Flipping Websites

Believe it or not, buying and selling websites can still make you a ton of money today. This has been a popular career choice for many individuals since the early 2000’s. Using sites like Flippa will allow you to find websites for cheap, build them up and sell them back in the market for a nice profit.

13. Podcasting

Podcasting is a fantastic way how to make a few bucks on the side for anyone who deals with interesting or niche topics that are suitable for this type of format. Do you like video games or ethnic music? There are definitely plenty people just like you who would look forward to hearing your show on their way to work or school.

14. Blogging

Blogging is alive and well even today. It still doesn’t have to cost even a single dollar to get started, but it will probably take a while to get some exposure. These days, the competition is so fierce that getting on first pages of major search engines is no piece of cake. However, if you can master social media and build an audience, you can still achieve massive success without the help of search engines. Think outside of the box for marketing and growing a blog.

15. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers promote products of other people and earn commissions on their sales. Amazon is currently the most popular platform for affiliate marketing, but there are many alternatives as well. Affiliate marketing is often combined with blogging to create a seamless mix of content and promotion.

16. Handmade Goods

If you are a crafty person, you should take a look at Etsy, which is the largest online market for homemade and vintage goods. You will find an amazing mix of leather wallets, lamps made from river wood, unique hand-printed t-shirts, jewelry, organic soups and countless other things. Top sellers often expand beyond the platform, creating their own brands and opening stores across the country.

17. Data Analyst

With the rise of Big Data, increasingly more companies need to make sense of heaps of information to adjust their overall business strategies. A data analyst is someone who has the technical expertise to accomplish this job, often having a background in economics, mathematics or finance. Data analytics who work for large, international corporations can earn more than enough money to support even more extravagant lifestyles.

18. Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

Marketing has gone digital and it’s the job of digital marketing campaign managers to produce best results possible. You can start your career as a digital marketing campaign manager by studying freely available online resources and experimenting on your own. Once you know what you are doing, try generating leads and finding customers that are willing to hire you for your services.

19. Online Bookkeeping

Just like so many other professions, bookkeeping has gone online. This is a great news for many bookkeepers and accountants who feel trapped in the office environment and long for more personal freedom and the ability to work during their own hours. You can find clients all over the world and take care of their bookkeeping from the comfort of your home now!

20. Niche Website Owner

New trends start every day and some of them grow to be pop culture sensations. Your job as a niche website owner is to capture the market before it gets too saturated. Creating a niche website (using WordPress) will allow you to secure your place on the very top of search engines, resulting in thousands of daily visitors. Over time, you can either sell these websites or monetize them yourself.

21. Mobile Laundry

Mobile laundry services can be the ideal extension of an existing laundry business. In this day and age, it’s paramount to make every service as convenient as possible, which often means creating mobile applications and a dedicated website interface where customers can schedule deliveries and pickups.

22. Fitness Instructor

Whether it’s because people fail to adhere to a strict fitness regime or because new fad diets and fitness movements are cropping up on a regular basis, the demand for fitness instructors is always high. Modern fitness instructors should definitely consider exploring the online space and even possibly recording a series of educational videos and posting them online. Not only is this a fantastic marketing strategy, but it’s also a viable way to generate additional income.

23. Antique Refurbishment

If you like working with wood and beautiful, antique refurbishing could be your ticket to success. Depending on what exactly you do, you don’t need to invest a lot of money to get started, but you will need to travel across the country to get the best pieces you can. If you can fix them up, you can sell them for massive profits.

24. Growing Medical Marijuana

If you live a state or country where medical marijuana is legal, you can consider starting your own growing operation. The initial setup can be costly, but it’s relatively smooth sailing after that. Your days will be spent taking care of a wonderful plant and helping people improve their health and well-being in general.

25. WordPress Themes

Are you a web developer or designer who wants to build products for passive income? If so, creating WordPress themes might be the right path for you. Once your theme is finished, you will still need to provide customers with ongoing support and work on updates, but for the most part your income stream will be passive.

26. SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization is an absolute necessity for everyone who wants to be relevant on the web. A capable SEO expert can turn a dying business into a prosperous operation in a matter of months. SEO agencies and professionals earn a lot of money and if you have the skills, this might be a great business idea to pursue.

27. Property Management 

Landlords really don’t have time to check in on their properties or their renters so they’re constantly looking for someone who can maintain things for them. A property management company can take care of these tasks for the landlords and they can collect a nice fee for doing so. The best part is that there is really no startup cost to get started.

28. Business Broker

A business broker is someone who assists buyers and sellers of privately owned businesses in the buying and selling process. As such, he or she must have a good knowledge of business law and common practices in the particular industry. Businesses brokers are rewarded with commissions for the sales they make.

29. Pet Daycare

If you love animals and have enough room to spare in your house, you can start a pet daycare. There’s not much to it: pet owners leave you their animals whenever they have to go out for a long time and your job is to provide them with everything they need.

30. Guided Tours

Are you situated in a popular tourist destination? If so, you may consider yourself lucky. Starting a guided tour business can be a lucrative opportunity how to make extra money during the summer,or it can be the start of a much larger business that employs other people to work as guides.

31. Pick Up & Drop Off Services

A pick up & drop off service is another type of business that combines modern technology with our constant need for more time. It usually starts with a platform that automatically pairs clients with suitable pickers. From there, it’s all about completing assignments as you receive them.

32. Makeup Artist

This is one of those few professions that you can start working on in your bedroom and end up on the set of a Hollywood movie just a few years down the road. What’s even better is that makeup artists can take advantage of platforms such as YouTube and make their content visible to billions of people from all over the world.

33. Image Consultant

You are probably wondering who needs an image consultant. The reality is that many companies and individuals rely on their image and brand. Often times, they struggle to maintain a positive brand and they find it valuable to hire someone who can manage it. The best image consultants are people with a proven track record of success and inside knowledge of a particular industry.

34. Decluttering Services

With the tremendous success of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up from Marie Kondo, there has been a surge in demand for decluttering services. People are in dire need to get rid of useless possessions and things that cause them emotional burdens. This business is far from being just a cleaning service in disguise. More often than not, people will be unwilling to give up even what’s clearly trash, so you must have a good understanding of the human psychology as well to help people get over sentimental items.

35. Green Cleaning Services

The only thing that differentiates green cleaning services from regular cleaning services is the type of products used for the actual cleaning. But this simple thing can turn the otherwise unattractive businesses into something highly desirable. People in upscale neighborhoods are willing to pay a lot of extra money just to know they are helping to preserve the environment.

36. Organic Food Catering

Organic food catering is such a popular and lucrative niche in the catering business that it deserves to be mentioned on its own. You should establish close ties with local farmers to ensure a steady supply of organic products. Then, it’s just about acquiring the right equipment and marketing your services.

37. Energy Auditor

Green energy solutions can lead to dramatic savings, allowing some people to completely off the grid. As an energy auditor, you will help businesses, individual homes and apartment owners find ways they can increase their energy footprint while decreasing their monthly bills.

38. Beard Care Products

Beards are still a thing and they will probably remain to be for some time. You can start your own beard care brand with just a few cheap ingredients that you can buy online. When you manage to make a good product, all you need to do is take care of its marketing and bulk manufacturing.

39. Sustainable Landscaping

The purpose of sustainable landscaping is to offset negative environmental impacts by using strategic methods for business and residential landscapes. Sustainable landscapes often feature shade structures and bike racks made from recycled materials, a wireless irrigation system, native grasses, and large, open areas for sport and leisure.

40. Meal Prep Specialist

Currently, more people are worried about their diets and well-being than ever before. As a result of this, people are looking to work on their daily nutritional values. If you are an expert on healthy eating and can cook, you can become a meal prep specialist and open up your own meal prep business.


There are many businesses that can be grown without a large investment to start up. In this post, I shared with you 40 different million dollar business ideas you can launch for close to nothing.

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