5 Experiences That Led Me To Entrepreneurship


Everyone who is an entrepreneur has a reason that pushed them to do what they do. For me, I didn’t just have one experience or reason that pushed me to entrepreneurship.



After a collection of events, lessons, and experiences took place in my life, I decided to try entrepreneurship. Luckily for me, I found entrepreneurship to be the perfect career for me and haven’t looked back since.



In this blog article, I’m going to share 5 experiences that led me to entrepreneurship:



1. Meeting a young millionaire at the Target parking lot


I was in high school walking down to the Target a quarter mile away from the campus. School had just ended and we were looking to go to Target to pick up some candy.



As I got closer to Target, I suddenly noticed the most beautiful Lamborghini I have ever seen shinning in the parking lot. My friends & I decided to approach the vehicle and observe it closely.



It was beautiful and as we started walking back to Target, I saw a young guy in a suit walking towards the Lamborghini. No way, could that have been his car? He didn’t look any older than 30 and was probably 25-26 years old.



I had to find out what he did because that car is NOT cheap. I approached him and said, “Excuse me, I really like your car. Do you mind if I ask you what your job is?”



He quickly replied, “Thanks kid. Unfortunately, I have a meeting I’m late too but just remember this one thing: Don’t ever get a job, work for yourself.”



That was all he said. At that time, I had little idea about what that meant because I had no clue what entrepreneurship was. However, these words make all the sense in the world to me today.



2. Getting jobs that pissed me off


My parents wanted to show me the value of a dollar at an early age. They sent me to get a job at the age of 15, which was a time when I got to try many different jobs.



I worked as a project manager, assistant, secretary, receptionist, tutor, coach, salesperson, and much more. There was a common trend among every single job I picked up during this 2 year period.



I hated every single job. They all sucked in their own ways. The fact that these jobs all sucked made me want to find something I would like.



I found a common trend in all my jobs. I was listening to someone else and obeying their commands. I decided to change that and find a situation where I would be in charge of everything.



3. Studying the wealthy 


When I became distraught with my jobs, I wanted to find a ‘get rich quick scheme’. I decided to search online, but my searches didn’t do much good.



Then, I decided to search how people similar to me were getting wealthy. It really came down to 3 main things: music, sports, & business.



I couldn’t sing for my life and I wasn’t that amazing at basketball so it came down to business. I began reading endless amounts of books on successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and moguls.



I quickly learned that business was something anyone could do as long as they put some effort in. I started with wanting to get into business solely to be filthy rich, but thankfully I found a deeper purpose since then.



4. Watching money tear up relationships 


From family and others, I quickly learned that money is a common problem that can tear many relationships apart. Everyone wants money, but it’s not always so easy to get it.



I learned that money gives you freedom to live life on your terms. Nobody wants to be a slave to the dollar, but so many of us are. From looking at so many relationships torn apart because of money, I decided to make sure that money wouldn’t affect my life negatively.



The money problems others faced made me confident that I wanted to be financially free as early in life as possible so that I can enjoy the pleasures of life. I don’t want money to be the reason for stress in my family’s life.



5. Finding others who started young


When I was questioning whether to pursue entrepreneurship or not, I began searching deeply to see if anyone else had accomplished what I was planning to do. I quickly came across many young entrepreneurs, but one of them stood out to me the most.



His name was Neil Patel. He had not only started at the same age as me, but he shared numerous other similarities with me. I began studying him relentlessly to figure out how he was able to achieve massive success.



I wasn’t envious of him, but rather motivated and inspired. I’ve always had a competitive mindset. I said to myself, “If others have been able to do this at my age, there is nothing in the world that can stop me from doing the same.”



By finding people who I could relate to, it gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to really put my dreams into action.





Everyone has various things that happen in their own lives that push them to become entrepreneurs. For me, it was a collection of the experiences mentioned above that put me  where I am today.



photo credit: Ed Callow [ torquespeak ] via photopin cc

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