5 Ways To Learn From The Mistakes You Make As An Entrepreneur

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world are masters at learning from their successes and failures. They tend to be especially good at finding the reasons for their failures and ensuring they don’t repeat them. The majority of professionals and entrepreneurs are not particularly interested in reliving their mistakes or even diagnostically consider their successes. Nevertheless, when you systematically examine what went right and what went wrong in various business situations, you’ll be able to learn career-advancing solutions.

Most successful entrepreneurs usually have a litany of stories about bad business decisions, bad investments, choosing to work with the wrong people and so many other valuable lessons along the way. It appears that failure is inevitable. The key to success is what you make of your failures.

Here are 5 ways to learn from the mistakes you make as an entrepreneur:

1. Stop The Impulse To Blame

We’re taught in school and society that mistakes and failures are shameful things and we should avoid them at all costs. Our entire educational landscape tells kids that there’s just one right answer and it’s never good to be wrong. With this background, it’s no surprise that our natural instinct is to try to justify our actions or blame someone else for the situation.

The problem is that as soon as you start blaming other people or outside circumstances, you completely spoil any chance of learning from the mistake. The first step is to move away from assigning blame and have the courage to stand up and say, “this is my mistake and I own it.” The learning process begins the minute you start taking responsibility.

2. Know It’s OK To Fail

Yes, it’s OK to fail and commit mistakes. The adage we learn from failure is true. Be open with your mind, eyes and ears. The lessons are there for you to understand and to do better next time. Think about what you have done right, what you can do better and what you should stop doing. That is one of the easiest ways to analyze how to learn from failure and not commit the same mistakes again.

3. Reevaluate Your Planning

How much time did you spend planning the best way to achieve your goal or task before you started? How much thought did you give to anticipating hurdles or problems that might arise and to figure out how you would handle them if they did? The vast majority of us spend little if any time on this kind of planning, despite the likelihood of our running into obstacles and unexpected circumstances. In the future, make sure to plan your general strategy, consider potential setbacks and figure out how to overcome them before you ever begin.

4. Keep Going 

Above all, the lesson you learn from your mistakes is that you can survive a mistake and keep growing. Dealing with failure and other letdowns is a big part of your journey. Overcoming adversity is a theme in every heroic story we’ve ever heard or read. Getting knocked down and getting up again is not only part of life, but it’s how we learn to roll with the changes life throws at us.

5. Learn The Bigger Lesson

Across multiple unsuccessful initiatives, you can determine different ways of thinking, habitual actions and repeated poor judgments. From here you can discern the bigger lessons you need to master in order to ensure you only make new mistakes. Whenever you make a mistake, focus on learning the bigger lesson behind why things didn’t go as planned.


None of us look forward to making our next mistake, but we all know that mistakes are all part of the journey. In this post, I shared with you 6 ways to learn from the mistakes you make as an entrepreneur. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, check out 300+ Top Inspirational Quotes & Quote Pictures.

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