50 Highly Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Launch In 30 Days Or Less 

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When starting a business, one should evaluate the target market, level of competition, and how quickly you can launch your business. In these modern times, having to launch your business in a short period of time is more possible than ever, with the help of the internet. You don’t have to wait very long to start a business or invest a ton of money.


When starting a business, you need to look for a niche that you are comfortable with, passionate about and knowledgable in. With a little creativity, logic and knowledge in a certain domain, you can become an entrepreneur in no time.


Here are 50 highly profitable small business ideas you can launch in 30 days or less:


1. eBay Seller


If you have a set of products that you can make yourself or can buy for cheap, you can sell them on eBay for a nice profit. If not, you can try sourcing products from a site such as Aliexpress or Alibaba and also sell them on eBay for a nice profit. If you have products you would want to sell, be an eBay seller. This is a highly profitable business that you can launch in just a day or two.


2. Restoration 


If you have a talent in being able to restore old items and make them look new and unique, then you can turn it into a business. Restoring different kinds of furniture, electrical items, vehicles and other things  is becoming extremely popular today, and very profitable. People want their prized items restored and brought back to new. This is a business you can start as a hobby and flourish as a big restoration company.


3. Sourcing Service


Believe it or not, some local businesses actual hire sourcing services. Your job as a sourcing service is fairly easy as you’re in charge of finding services of products that are needed and can be resold for a profit. This is a simple business you can launch and gain profit with immediately with really no overhead.


4. Personal Trainer


If you love the gym and fitness, you can turn it into a profitable business. I’ve had many friends who went from fitness enthusiasts to fitness trainers and they’ve been very successful with it. Start by marketing your services at the local gym you work at and find a client you can charge monthly. Help them become fit, motivate them, monitor them and give them workout/diet routines that they can follow. This is another small business that you can start with really no overhead.


5. Interior Decorator 


If you have a talent in interior decorating, then you can start your own business. You don’t have to be a professional to do this, you can start by offering the service to your your friends and relatives. This kind of business can easily spread through word of mouth and as business picks up, you can create a marketing budget and target bigger clients.



6. Jewelry Making


When we say jewelry, it’s not always about selling gold or diamonds,. You can make a jewelry out of beads, nylon thread and lots of creativity. You can create customized jewelry for kids and other clients while selling your goods through social media sites or an ecommerce platform.


7. Sewing and Alterations


Today, sewing is almost out of trend amongst the millennials, but if you have talent in sewing and making alterations, you can turn your hobby into a business. This is a noble business you can do full-time or part-time to gain decent profit.


8. Advertising Campaign Manager


If you have a talent in online advertising, you can start a business as an advertising campaign manager. Many companies need this kind of service to promote their products or services through social media, videos, etc. Create a case study outlining your success and market your services to businesses everywhere.


9. Blogging


Blogging isn’t just a place for you to share your thoughts anymore. There are tons of bloggers all over the world that are making 6 figures + yearly. Blogs can be used as a platform where you can channel your knowledge and leverage that to monetize it for yourself.


 10. Photographer 


I’ve had many friends of mine that have been extremely successful in photography and videography. Your only overhead cost with something like this is just obtaining the video and photo equipment necessary to shoot your clients. Niche down and focus on a specific category that you’re passionate about.


11. Copywriting


This is a freelance job you can do at your home, and later on, you can develop it into a business where you can hire additional copywriters to help with your clients. This is another business where you’ll earn a good amount profit with zero investment.


12. Ebook Writing  


Ebook writing can become a business, especially for those who work from home. You can write a book on a variety of topics and self-publish it on platforms such as Amazon, iBooks and Lulu. You can earn a passive income from writing eBooks.


13. Fashion Designing


Women aren’t the only ones into fashion nowadays, even men are valuing their fashion sense. You can start your own fashion designing business by designing clothes by focusing on a specific niche. After you create your first products, advertise yourself in social media and wait for customers. This is another highly profitable business that you can start in just a few weeks.


14. Graphic Design


If you are an expert graphic designer, you turn your expertise as a business. Many companies would enlist the service of a graphic designer for their products. Having a good eye for modern design and a creative mind can make you extremely successful when launching a graphic design firm.


15. Human Resource Consulting


Human resource consulting is now a growing field and it can be the  start of a new business. Companies are seeking the services of HR professionals to help them with training, compliance, administration and payrolls. So if you have what it take to become an HR consultant, this could be a highly profitable business for you.


16. Online Grocery Delivery


Online grocery shopping is becoming the big new trend today. Sign up with your local grocery in the form of a partnership and create advertisements online. Take your customers’ orders and deliver it to them while earning a profit without any upfront investment, except for the local store.


17. Tutoring


If you have the patience and expertise in a particular subject or series of subjects, you can start tutoring. This can be done online or offline, whichever you prefer, and earn a profit. Over time, you can get more clients and customers from just referrals.


18. Proofreading


Publishing houses are seeking to outsource proofreading to those who can do this task even at home. Some self-published authors also hire proofreaders to help with the editing of their books before they publish it. This can be a great platform for a business to earn money with no investment.


19. Teach Music


To launch your own music business, you do not have to be a professional musician or a maestro. Some young adults who play instruments well can teach others who are just starting out to play music as well. You can do this on your spare time and with a little start-up cost, advertise and soon, you will have your own music studio where you teach others to play musical instruments.


20. Pet Grooming


If you love animals and have knowledge in grooming pets, you can start a pet grooming business at your house. You can begin by grooming your friend’s pet and advertise through social media to promote your new business.


21. Social Media Marketing


Social Media networks are great for small businesses to take advantage, but not everyone knows about it or has the time and skills necessary to keep their businesses active on social media. If you think you have the talent, you can do this for clients clients and charge them for this service. This is another business you can start immediately with very low start up costs.


22. Cleaning Business


This is another simple business anyone can start, even for teenagers who are seeking additional money during their summer vacation. You render your services to those who wants to have the cleaning done, especially the lawns and the gutter and the roof of a house.


23. Virtual Assistant


If you have tried working as an online virtual assistant, you probably know that this niche is continuing to grow. You can capitalize on it and start your own virtual assistant business, offering your service to businesses who need your talent.


24. Dog Walking


This can become a start up business for teens who wants to earn in their spare times. Some dog owners do not have the time to walk their pets because of busy schedules, but you can give this service to them in exchange for payment, of course. This is a simple business that can be highly profitable.


25. Sell Homemade Products


Some successful businesses started at home. Homemade products such as muffins, cupcakes, accessories, and trending items can get you good profits. You can promote them via social media or through word of mouth from your satisfied customers.


26. Content Producer


Almost every business nowadays needs a ton of content if they want to be successful. If they don’t have an in-house team pro ducting their content for them, they hire individuals or companies to do this for them. You can launch your own content production company while hiring more employees to scale it out fully.


27. Sell Plants Online


A lot of people want to look for plants to add to their landscapes, gardens or even the insides of their homes. If you have a green thumb, you can start planting and sell them online through social media or advertising it in your local community. This business is a growing niche and can give you tons of profits.


28. Become An Affiliate


Affiliate marketing is a growing business that you can start yourself. Other businesses will want you to promote their products and encourage sales. You can start this business anytime you want and expand. The benefits of this business is that you don’t have any overhead costs and you don’t even have to create any products yourself.


29. Presentation Maker


This is a very simple business that even young teenagers can do in their spare time. You can make beautiful slideshows for your relatives friends and even businesses seeking your help. Build attractive presentations and offer this as an ongoing service for companies of all sizes.


30. Personal Chef


Many households are seeking the services of a personal chef. Whether you come in and make the food one day out of the week or you create the food at home and deliver it, personal chef services have become wildly popular.


31. Babysitting


If you have been a babysitter yourself, you probably know that babysitting can be a profitable business. You can start this business with your family or friends, where you manage your business and provide clients with babysitters (friends or cousins who want to babysit). It’s like a babysitting agency and this is a business that can be highly profitable.


32. Cake Decorating


If you have the talent and expertise in baking cakes and cupcakes, and the creativity to decorate them, you may want to look into launching a business like this. You can sell your creations via social media or your neighbors and earn a profit from it.


33. Create Custom Clothing


If you have the eye for fashion and designing clothing, this business is for you. You can accept orders from friends and relatives or neighbors to design their clothing to how they want it to be. This is a good business that will help you earn fantastic profits.


34. Pet Sitting


Who said only babies need to be looked after? Pets also need to be taken care of if their owners are going away on a trip and they cannot bring with them their pets. This business can give you solid profits and you’ll get to spend a ton of time with new pets.


35. Gardening Services


Not every homeowner can tend to their garden and many look for a service provider to come in and take care of their needs. A landscaping service is a great idea for your next business. You may have to go out and handle the jobs initially, but after the business grows, you can hire employees to do it.


36. Handyman Service


If you have basic skills for home repairs, you can start your handyman service business. You can do small repair jobs like plumbing or fixing things around the house. Handymen can often charge upwards of $50 an hour for their expertise.


37. Knitting


If you have a talent for knitting, you can start to make this your own business. You can start knitting table cloths, sweaters or other ornaments for people’s houses. You can knit sweaters for people who wants customized knitted sweaters for their everyday use and sell it with a really nice mark up.


38. Translation Service


This service is a fast growing industry online and it can be a business you can start anytime. If you are bilingual or trilingual or happen to speak many languages, you can make this your business and profit greatly from it.


39. Produce Videos


If you have the talent to produce videos, you can start this business almost immediately. Companies want various types of promotional videos to build their brand. These organizations are constantly seeking professionals who can get this job done and this is something you can often times do from the comfort of your home. This business can be highly profitable and it can be launched in a short time.


40. Errand Service


Since most people do not have time to do their own errands, you can start your own errand service and do other people’s errand on their behalf. This type of business has a growing demand and it can be launched in a short time.


41. IT Maintenance


Computers, tablets, smartphones and other tech devices are wildly popular nowadays. With all that technology, many people are faced with technical issues that they don’t have the solution for. You can create your own IT maintenance business where you help individuals with cleanups, downloads, software installation and repair services.


42. Electronics Repair


This is another highly profitable business where you can render your repair services for various electronics. People usually don’t want to throw away their televisions, refrigerators and other electronics when they face issues. If you can offer affordable solutions to their problems, you’ll have an extremely successful business.


43. Household Organizers


For those who have just purchased a home, they often seek the help from various organizers to tidy up their new house. If you can work rapidly and organize a large space rapidly, becoming a household organizer might be a great idea. Though you’ll mainly be working as a freelancer, this business is highly profitable and you don’t need months of preparation to start this business.


44. Massage Therapist


If you are great at giving massages, you may want to consider becoming a massage therapist. You can start your own massage therapy business by giving an in-home service. You will be your own boss and in control of your own schedule.


45. Resume/Cover Letter Writing


This is a writing business that you can start immediately without having to invest a considerable amount of money. You’re in charge of writing resumes or cover letters for your clients in exchange for payment.


46. Dating Consultant 


This is a modern specialization that has garnered a ton of popularity in recent years. If many of your friends call you ‘Hitch’, this is a great business for you to start. You help those looking for love by offering them tips, strategies and action plans in order to find dates and successfully have positive dates.


47. Direct Sales Consultant


If you want a really profitable business idea, you can start with direct sales for a company like Avon, Tupperware, etc. These companies give you the opportunity to have your own business by selling their products and gaining profits. This business does not need much time to start, but after some training, you’ll be able to make money by selling direct to your customers.


48. Domain Name Purchaser


This is a really simple business that you can start from anywhere in the world. Look for profitable domains that you can buy and later sell for a profit. You can even take it a step further and start optimizing the websites for the search engines and selling them for an even larger profit.


49. Window Cleaning Service


Window cleaning isn’t easy, but that’s good because it allows you to charge a higher price for it. Many stores and houses are not able to have their windows cleaned so they hire a window cleaning service to do it for them.


50. Travel Planner 


I always tell everyone how much I hate dealing with my travel plans. I would love to pay someone to tell them where I want to go and when I want to go with them finding me the lowest rate possible. As a travel planner, your job is to plan out the flights, accommodations and travels in an area for a client.




Small businesses can be profitable if you know your market and you know what type of business you have the proper expertise for. In this post, I shared with you 50 highly profitable small business ideas you can launch in 30 days or less.