6 Killer Lessons I Learned In 2017 That You Can Implement Now

As another year has ended, many entrepreneurs love to take this time to reflect on their past year. While it’s always good to examine your progress, it’s also good to value the lessons you learn each year. The promise of a new year is exciting for many, but you want to improve on the past year.

You do this by setting new targets, goals and ambitious dreams for your team and startup. It’s never too late to look back on the previous year and to extract valuable lessons to it. Even though we are almost 2 weeks into January, I recently got a chance to reflect on my past year.

Here are the 6 killer lessons I learned in 2017 that you can implement now:

1. I Can Overcome My Fears & Reach New Heights 

There are times in every entrepreneur’s life when fear will become a part of their experience, but don’t treat it like a horror flick that should be avoided. Instead, face your fears and challenge yourself to overcome them.

Fear feels uncomfortable but in most cases, it won’t really harm you. However, attempting to avoid the experience of fear will because you are robbing yourself of the chance to experience something new. There were times prior to 2017 that I would avoid things if it scared me, but this was the first time where I challenged myself to do everything that terrified me.

The results? Well, they were overwhelmingly good. I was able to find new passions, experience new things and do things I never imagined before. Overcoming your fear is your way of reaching new heights. It means you have conquered obstacles ahead of you and you are ready to move to a new phase in life. Living in fear will keep you from moving forward and improving yourself.

2. I Can Focus On What’s Important

Keeping your attention on what is most important in your life is one of the essential ingredients in being successful. Like with most things, this is something that is much easier said than done. It’s easy to get distracted often and to feel overwhelmed.

Prioritize the important things in life. Make sure that you include your family, friends, business, health, etc. in your list of priorities. Each aspect of life is crucial for us to grow and giving attention to what’s important is necessary to be on track with your life.

I often times neglected family, friends and other aspects of my life but I made it a priority to create more balance in my life. By doing this, I felt more productive at work and my relationships were far healthier during 2017.

3. I Can Invest Intelligently 

If you want to invest intelligently, the first thing you should do is ignore 99.9% of what you hear in the media. If your goal is to invest wisely, what you hear in the media is mostly distracting noise that will trick you into making expensive mistakes.

Intelligent investing isn’t a get-rich-quick process. It is rather a process that allows investors to reach certain financial goals through a carefully crafted financial plan, which includes financial constraints and a strategy that matches your goals.

I had tough time with investments years prior, but educated myself and made wise decisions that allowed me to generate a profit from my investments in 2017. The stocks I invested in brought me around a 40% return in the past year and it was simply for one reason. I invested in things that I knew about and companies that I believed in.

4. I Can Bounce Back From Anything 

We’ve all had those times when it seems that there’s nothing but problems ahead of you. They often threaten to knock us down and stop us from moving forward. When everything goes wrong, we are caught off guard and we want to give up.

During 2017, I went through some of the toughest times in my life. I was filled with various emotions, but most of them included frustration and despair. However, I kept a strong head on my shoulders and managed to overcome everything that was thrown at me. I quickly learned that no matter how bad things get, you can always bounce back from it with the right mindset and approach in place.

5. I Can Workout Consistently 

Working out is something many entrepreneurs consider as a luxury because of the daily time investment that is required. However, I quickly realized that health is also wealth. With the daily grind from work and the stress that we encounter, we must loosen up and remember to stay fit.

For busy entrepreneurs, it is hard to workout consistently because of our hectic schedules. In 2017, I decided to push the excuses away so that I could focus on bettering my physical health. I included going to the gym into my schedule and I found myself getting healthier and stronger. If you aren’t working out, just make it a habit by including it in your daily schedule.

6. I Can Be Smarter With My Time

Time management is a common problem to everyone. It seems that the 24 hours in a day is never enough to accomplish everything that we want to get done. I learned how to be delegate tasks better and how to build a strong team around me that can support me and my visions.

By doing this, I was able to intelligently manage my time in 2017. Most importantly, I learned to manage my team not only in the business world but with my whole life as a whole. The best advice I can give to anyone looking to manage their time better is to try many different approaches until something works.


The previous year may have been challenging, but everything will be difficult if you shut yourself from improving and learning from your past experiences. The lessons learned in 2017 should be implemented to become more productive, stronger and smarter. In this post, I shared with you the 6 killer lessons I learned in 2017 that you can implement now.

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