8 Differences In Mindset Between Successful And Unsuccessful People

There are some people who are just successful at almost anything that they pick up and touch. If you’ve wondered how someone can be so talented, most of the time it’s not so much talent as it is the mindset and approach.

Successful people share a mindset that is very different from that of unsuccessful people. In this post, I’ll share 8 difference in mindset between successful and unsuccessful people.

1. Successful people think long-term while unsuccessful people are engrossed in the present. 

Unsuccessful people often times find them obsessing over and worrying about short-term things. What they will eat today, what they will do today and how they will pay their bills for the week are often things that concern unsuccessful individuals. Successful people however are constantly setting goals, creating dream boards and planning out long-term plans for how they will achieve their goals.

2. Successful people believe hard work is the key to success while unsuccessful people think it’s just luck. 

Successful people understand that luck may be involved with success, but there is no substitute for hard work. Hard work and preparation can meet luck to create massive success, but even without any luck…..hard work will give you enough to make you successful. Unsuccessful people think that they don’t need to work hard and they hope to go through the motions and get lucky.

3. Successful people take accountability for their actions while unsuccessful people blame others. 

Unsuccessful people always have an excuse or a finger to point at someone else when things don’t go right. Successful people believe in accountability and have no issue taking responsibility when they are the ones to blame. Unsuccessful people hate to be at fault and will look for anyone or anything else to dump the blame on.

4. Successful people are eager to learn while unsuccessful people think that they already know it all.

Unsuccessful people aren’t eager to learn and they believe they already know everything. They try to talk and teach others, but are rarely ever open to hearing what others have to say. Successful people are the absolute opposite of that. They are always looking to learn and are extremely humble about their own achievements. They are willing to do whatever they can to educate themselves.

5. Successful people discuss ideas while unsuccessful people talk about people. 

What is the topic of your conversations? Successful people are always throwing around ideas and talking about intellectual things. Unsuccessful people seem to always talk about other people and what they are doing. If you want to be successful, you should be discussing things that are going to challenge you intellectually.

6. Successful people are driven by purpose while unsuccessful people are driven by money. 

Money isn’t everything and while many people chase currency, successful people understand that purpose is the driving factor for their careers. Unsuccessful people are constantly hopping from job to job looking for a pay raise or extra cash. However, unsuccessful people forget that they can find happiness in their work and they rarely ever chase their passions.

7. Successful people embrace change while unsuccessful people run from change. 

Change and comfort don’t go together. Successful people and unsuccessful people both know this. However, both types of people approach it very differently. Successful people embrace change and are willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains. However, unsuccessful people are terrified of change and avoid it at all costs to keep their comfort.

8.  Successful people compliment others but unsuccessful people criticize other people. 

Unsuccessful people are unfortunately best classified as haters. They constantly criticize other people and are looking for ways to put other people down. However, successful people have nothing to be worried about so they have no issue complimenting others. They look for the best in everyone and try to compliment them as much as possible.


In this post, I shared 8 differences in mindset between successful and unsuccessful people. What are some differences that you have noticed?

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