8 Sacrifices Successful People Are Willing To Make For Their Success

Behind every successful person is a number of sacrifices that very few people know about. Success comes with a price and sometimes it includes sacrificing some of the most important things you have just to reach the top. Every successful entrepreneur has made sacrifices to build themselves great wealth and success.

Sacrifice is a part of life. Our parents have all made sacrifices at some point to give us a better life and we make sacrifices every day for us to reach our dreams. Success can be demanding, which in turn requires sacrificing the comforts of life. If success didn’t require effort, everyone would be equally successful without having to give up anything.

In this post, I will share with you 8 sacrifices successful people are willing to make for their success:

1. Money

Money is one of the sacrifices successful people make. Money is sacrificed in a few different ways especially. First, they are willing to risk their earnings and money for long-term gain and success. Whether it’s obtaining a loan or investing their own money, they’re willing to take a risk that may or may not pay off. Secondly, many successful people are willing to live below their means and earn very little money in the short-term to one day be successful.

2. Sleep

Another sacrifice that successful people make in order to achieve success is their sleep. Successful entrepreneurs sacrifice a good night of sleep to plan for the success of their business. Sleep is a sacrifice that successful people make because they know that they don’t necessarily need too much of it. Sacrificing sleep can unlock more hours in the day for you to do more work and carry out your vision.

3. Comfort

I’ve said it many times that I truly don’t believe that change and comfort can go together. You can have one, but you can’t have both at the same time. Part of being successful requires you to apply change in your life in many different ways. As you go through that change and growth, you lose your comfort. One of the sacrifices that successful people do is giving away their comfort.

4. Social Life

Many successful people have or do have social lives, but they do a great job of controlling it. Instead of going out every night or every few days, successful people understand that they have to make sacrifices with their friends, family members and loved ones. They have to work more hours and stay energized so that they cannot go out as often. As a result of this, successful people have no problem in reducing their social lives significantly while they chase the pinnacles of success.

5. Personal Life

Often times, personal life comes in the way of achieving success. Successful people need to sacrifice their personal lives to achieve their goals. It may include sacrificing some time to spend with friends or family. Not only that, but their personal lives might take a toll from their goals of success. When you want to be the best at something or be extremely successful, it isn’t a career. At that point, it becomes a lifestyle. As a result, you have to sacrifice your existing lifestyle to adapt to a new one while ensuring you can get everyone around you to support you on your new journey.

6. Health

In reality, when an entrepreneur becomes determined to achieve their goals, they start to neglect their mind and body and become engrossed to achieve success. They tend to eat less healthy, exercise less and pay less attention to their body. While this is in no way recommended or suggested, it is a sacrifice that many successful people do unfortunately make. They neglect parts of their lives to improve other parts of their lives.

7. Sanity

Part of being successful requires you to lose your sanity at some point. When people become too stressed, tired and overworked they end up losing their grip on sanity in certain moments. There will be days they question themselves and wonder if what they are doing is worth it. Some people even call them crazy for working so hard. However, it’s a sacrifice they need to do to succeed.

8. Time

Time is the number one sacrifice people make, especially successful people. Unlike individuals who work 9 to 5 and have the luxury of free time after their 8-hour shift, entrepreneurs and success driven people do not work to any specific schedule. Instead, they work more of a timing that is from wake to sleep. For them, time is a luxury that they need to use efficiently.


Sacrifice is vital for every anyone to be successful and you have to be willing to make a number of these sacrifices. In this post, I shared with you 8 sacrifices successful people are willing to make for their success.

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