8 Signs You Will Be Very Successful In The Future

There are things that determine how successful someone will be. And fortunately, it isn’t the privilege, location or how much money your parents were able to spend on your education. Instead, what determines how successful a person are certain traits that mark you out from average people who are destined to live mediocre lives.

“Success is fleeting” is a popular adage in business. You simply cannot dream or wish for success. You have to work towards it constantly. Contrary to old-school management thought, the road to success is never a straight path. It is riddled with twists and turns, highs and lows, turbulence and calm. Here are 8 signs you will be very successful in the future:

1. You Celebrate Other People’s Success

It’s funny to see how different people react to the success of their friends. While some throw parties and heap praise on their friends, others are more reserved and hold back. How come? Shouldn’t we all be happy that our friends have made it? You’d think that would be the case, however some people just don’t like to see others getting ahead of them.

You however love to see your friends making it for a few different reasons. First and foremost, you should be happy for them and enjoy seeing people around you doing well. Secondly, you should gain motivation from it because their successes should push you to work even harder. Their success shouldn’t make you jealous, but instead should increase your hunger to be a success yourself.

2. You’re Aware of What’s Wrong With Your Life

The other side of knowing what you don’t want is knowing what you do. Hypersensitivity to what’s wrong with your life is really just another form of heightened intuition. It’s in the process of building the lives we want out of the ones we don’t that we really fulfill our potential. Anyone can point our their strengths, but someone who points out their weaknesses is really poised for long-term success.

3. You Lead Based On Values

If you want to succeed, it’s not enough that you know where you want to go. It’s more important to know how you will get there. The answer to the “How” can be found with the answer to “Who”. At the end of the day, who are you?

Your core values are the guiding principles for every decision you make. It is forged from your life experiences. Your values represent who you are. If you lead with your values, you will find success based on what you believe is right. Value based leadership is the key to finding long-term, sustainable success.

4. You Relentlessly Seek New Experiences

Novelty seeking, getting bored easily and throwing yourself into new pursuits or activities is often linked to gambling, drug abuse, attention deficit disorder and leaping out of perfectly good airplanes without a parachute.

Novelty seeking is one of the traits that keeps you healthy and happy while fostering personality growth as you age. If you combine adventurousness and curiosity with persistence, you’ll be on a fast track for success. To succeed, you want to be able to regulate your impulses while also having the imagination to see what the future would be like if you tried something new.

5. You’re Willing To Make Sacrifices

To be successful, you’re going to have to make sacrifices. The smartest and the most successful individuals in the world have done this at some point. Kobe Bryant was in the gym shooting when he could have been sleeping. Mark Cuban was sacrificing the quality of food he ate so that he could invest every dollar into his business. Are you willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make things happen? If you have that mindset, you’ll be successful.

6. You Make Decisions With Your Long Term Goal In Mind

If everything you do is done on a micro and a macro level with the aim of taking you closer to your goals, this is another strong sign that you will achieve success. All successful people do this. They have one major long-term goal in mind and make small, incremental moves each day that will take them closer to that goal.

7. You Take Responsibility

Average people have a hard time accepting their mistakes. They don’t like to admit that they did something wrong. Successful people on the other hand have no problem admitting their mistakes. They LOVE to take responsibility. Why? Because by admitting responsibility, they can then set about finding a solution to their mistake. If you’re always willing to accept responsibility not just for your own mistakes but also for your team’s mistakes, it’s another strong sign that you’ll be a success in the future.

8. It’s Just Life 

Symbolic work/life boundaries are almost impossible to maintain. Why? You are your business. Your business is your life, just like your life is your business, which is also true for family, friends, and interests. Incredibly successful people find ways to include family instead of ways to exclude work. They find ways to include interests, hobbies, passions and personal values in their daily business lives. To be successful, your passion must become a lifestyle.


For many of the world’s most successful people, success is a never-ending journey. Once a goal has been reached, they chart a course for a new one. Perhaps success only ends when you believe there are no more challenges to conquer. In this post, I shared with you 8 signs you will be very successful in the future.

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