8 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success At A Young Age


Young, successful and free. This is the life many of us dream of, but do very little to achieve. However, I am here to tell you that all this and more is possible.



It just requires the right amount of persistence and commitment to achieve. When I look back, it’s sometimes hard to fathom that I started my entrepreneurial journey only 4 years ago.



It amazes me to see how much is possible when you put your mind to it. However, success doesn’t come easy. I will never condone that, but I will say that your wildest dreams are possible.



In this article, I share 8 ways to set yourself up for success at a young age:



1. Surround Yourself With Better People 


If you want to be successful at an early age, you need to surround yourself with people who are like-minded. Look for other driven individuals looking to achieve similar goals as you. When I was able to do that, I saw myself growing faster than I could have ever imagined before.



2. Manage Your Time Well


When you’re young, you develop a sense of feeling that time is infinite. As you get older, you begin to realize how valuable your time really is. Think twice about where you dedicate your energy and what you spend your time doing. When you focus more of your time and attention on things that matter, you’ll start seeing the results immediately.



3. Accept Your Failures & Mistakes 


When I made mistakes and dealt with failure in the beginning, I would let it affect me negatively. I would have thoughts of giving up or pretending like that failure didn’t happen. However, I quickly learned that mistakes and failure were crucial to my success. The more I accepted these mistakes, the more I learned.



4. Educate Yourself


The biggest mistake you can make in your teens or 20’s is relying solely on the education you receive in the classroom. It was only when I began teaching myself outside of the classroom that I found myself achieving success rapidly. If you want to be successful, you have to teach yourself something that everyone else isn’t also learning.



5. Spend Less, Invest More


When I made some money at the age of 17, I bought a sports car. I looked cool and I got to drive a fast car, but that was one of the worst investments I made. I quickly learned that you need to spend less and invest more. The younger you are, the more risks you can take with your money. Use that time to your advantage.



6. Try Often


When you’re young, it’s key that you maximize that time to dive into as many opportunities as possible. I thought about waiting and starting my entrepreneurial journey after I graduated from college, but my lack of patience wouldn’t let me do it. Thankfully, it was the greatest thing that could have happened. You will never know unless you try!



7. Do Your Best No Matter What


When I worked tons of jobs between the ages of 15-17, I wish I had tried my best at each of these positions. I quickly learned that no matter what the circumstances are, you should always give your 100% in everything you do. By doing your best, you have the ability to learn and see how talented you really are.



8. Breathe


Many of my friends that are the same age as me never really get a chance to breathe. Even though I manage multiple businesses and have a lot more obligations than the average person my age, I’m a lot more relaxed than others. At a young age, you really need to learn to breathe and relax.





No matter how old or young you may be, you can achieve success at any age. In this article, I shared 8 ways to set yourself up for success at a young age.



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