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15 Tough Lessons That Will Help You Reach New Heights In Life

Life teaches us harsh lessons and we must be able to get through the tough times in our life. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, but it’s a sign that we are human and we can relate to others. In this post, I shared with you 15 tough lessons that will help you reach new heights in life.

November 6, 2017

6 of The Most Important Characteristics of A Successful Idea

The best business ideas generate high profits and involve low risk. Unfortunately, very few such opportunities exist. In this post, I shared with you 6 of the most important characteristics of a successful idea.

November 2, 2017

8 Things You Should Do Before Starting A Side Business

Many full-time employees want to start a side business apart from the regular job they have. For whatever reason it may be, the problem in starting a side business is the preparation you need to do before you can have one. In this post, I shared with you 8 things you should do before starting a side business.

October 31, 2017

5 Things Every Great Speaker Does Before Presenting

Great public speakers may have a lot of experience delivering speeches, but they all continue to practice their techniques. With constant practice and the right approach, anyone can be successful when delivering presentations. In this post, I shared with you 5 things every great speaker does before presenting.

October 28, 2017

5 Ways For Attracting Money In Your Life

It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past when it comes to attracting wealth. With the right mindset and approach, anyone can attract the money they desire in their life. In this post, I shared with you 5 ways for attracting money in your life.

October 26, 2017

How To Go From Dreamer To Achiever In Less Than 6 Months

Each of us has dreamt to achieve something valuable in life, but most of us are stuck in the concept of dreaming. We need to plan a goal, take a step, fail, get up and continue until we can reach success. Dreaming is good, but becoming an achiever is way better when we are able to accomplish it. In this post, I shared with you the ways on how to go from dreamer to achiever in less than 6 months.

October 24, 2017

35 Quotes To Motivate You To Pursue Greatness In Life

In life, there will always be ups and downs, but never let them stop you in achieving success and greatness in life. Stay motivated and focused on achieving your dreams. In this post, I share with you are 35 quotes to motivate you to pursue greatness in life.

October 23, 2017

An Open Message To Everyone Who Falls Short of Their Goals

In conclusion, falling short of your goal is normal. You need to experience failure so you will know which parts you should improve on. If you have fallen short in achieving success, get up, analyze the process and start all over again. Never be discouraged when you have fallen short of your goals.

October 19, 2017

8 Ways To Increase Engagement With Your Audience

Engagement is not about growing the audience, but taking care of the one you already have. That’s how small audiences turn into loyal armies. In this post, I shared with you 8 ways to increase engagement with your audience.

October 17, 2017