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5 Things I Learned About Public Speaking From Delivering A TEDx Talk (Video Inside)

In this article, I share the 5 things I learned about public speaking from delivering a TEDx talk. Through this talk, my perception on speaking to audiences was changed forever and I want to take this time to share the lessons I learned.

November 25, 2013

9 Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

In this article, guest author – Scott Simson shares 9 common traits of successful entrepreneurs from his own experiences and through his work with others.

November 23, 2013

Why I Blog For Free And You Should Too

In this article, I share a few reasons why I blog for free and you should too. I have been in the blogging world for almost a year and a half, but I have experienced tremendous success because of my blog.

November 20, 2013

My Christmas Gift From Office Depot: The HP Chromebook

I recently received a brand new HP Chromebook from Office Depot as a gift. I was pleasantly surprised by the durability, sexy design and ease of use for this new laptop. In this article, I share a bit more about the Chromebook and why it’s a great gift for the holiday season!

November 18, 2013

6 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Do

Finding success as an entrepreneur is extremely tough. From coaching and mentoring other entrepreneurs, I quickly realized many people have some of the same characteristics that are detrimental to their success. In this article, I share 6 things successful entrepreneurs don’t do.

November 17, 2013

5 Signs You’re A Wantrepreneur

In this article, I share 5 signs you’re a wantrepreneur. There is nothing wrong with being a wantrepreneur, but you must change your ways to be successful with your ideas.

November 13, 2013

How To Have Rock Star Confidence As An Entrepreneur

Confidence is extremely important to be successful as an entrepreneur. In this article, I share a variety of tips on how to have rock star confidence as an entrepreneur.

November 10, 2013

10 Important Lessons People Should Know Before They Turn 30

Our 20’s are an exciting time, but there’s a lot of lessons to be learned that can help us throughout our lives. In this article, I share 10 important lessons people should know before they turn 30.

November 5, 2013

7 Ways To Generate Income On The Go

With the internet, it has become easier than ever to make money on the go. In this article, I will share 7 different ways that you can generate income from anywhere as long as you have some internet.

October 31, 2013