How Quitters Can Become Winners

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

You may have heard and read this quote many of times throughout your life, but it’s one of the realest quotes I’ve ever heard. At whatever point you heard those words as a youngster or an adult, it generally influenced you or made you sick.

However, many people have developed this perception that once you become a quitter, there is no going back. Most think that they are forever a quitter now and they can never win again.  That’s not actually true. If you make the decision to quit, but come back to give it a try (even if it’s years from now), you can change the outcome entirely.

Here’s how quitters can become winners:

1. Embrace Failure

First of all, you need to accept that you have failed in accomplishing something and need to find improvement within yourself. You need to see failures as a critical learning spot as they test your perseverance, flexibility and willingness to learn or change direction. To become a go-getter, you should not be bogged down with frustration, but analyze what was responsible for it. Possibly you’ll get to know what needs to be improved.

2. Set Up Particular Objectives, You Have To Know Where You Are Going

Envision you are in a race, however you don’t know where is the end goal, would you have the capacity to win? No, you wouldn’t. That is the reason you must have a particular target, you have to know precisely what bearing are you going in and where the end goal is. Furthermore, figure out how to work towards an option that is so instead of working heedlessly.

3. Set Goals

Goal setting is a feature in just about every self-improvement piece there is. Why? It’s what drives you towards a certain vision. By creating goals, they are almost like little milestones along the way that to lead to the big win. Writing goals down reinforces that. Winners are those go attack life with a plan and with the desire to succeed. Those who just let life happen will never win.

4. Make No Room For Negative Thoughts

Make yourself busy and fill yourself with positive energy. By doing this, the fear of “what if?” will be eliminated and you might become more productive. How you think will directly be reflected in the work you do and the mental strength that you have. If you constantly are thinking negatively, your own mind will hinder your success.

5. You Have To Figure Out How To Assume Responsibility For Your Activities

You can’t point the finger at others for your oversights and you can’t utilize excuses for your challenges. Champions are individuals that are mindful of their own oversights, they comprehend that it’s their decisions and choices that brought them there. Victors don’t utilize pardons, they discover solutions. Even if you screw something up terribly, take accountability for it and you’ll grow so much as a person for doing so.

6. Work with Positive People

Whether it’s a mentor, partner, lover or friend, spending time with positive people adds to your own strength. They can help you learn, develop and grow. They can also point out errors and faults in a constructive way and will always show you the way forward rather than pull you to a stop. It’s always good to have peers, the more positive the better.

7. There is Always a New Day

There will be rough days in the journey. Life is a roller coaster and that’s what makes it so exciting. If life was always moving at one pace and there was no ups or downs, you would probably get bored of it. The idea sounds good at first, but if you really think about it….the challenges are what excites us. If you have a really rough day, just remember that there is always a new day and you can bounce back.

8. Maximize Your Strengths

As you analyze what made you fall, it is always easier to identify your strengths. To become an ultimate winner, you need to work on your weaknesses, but maximizing your strengths is equally crucial. When you focus on your strengths, it keeps you in touch with your innate worth.

9. Ask For Help

If you feel that coming out from this depressing situation alone is not your cup of tea, then seek help from your elders or close friends. With the right support, you’ll certainly be able to dump all the negativity from your brain and fill it with positive thoughts. Just remember that there is nothing wrong with asking for help and the best people in the world do so all the time.

10. Remain Focused

Maintaining your concentration towards the end goal is what makes a difference. Try not to slack, dependably maintain your psyche and focus towards your objective. Focus is key because distractions will be plenty along the way. Those who succeed don’t allow the distractions to deter them off the path that they are on.


There is a way to win even if you’ve failed in the past, it just requires the right approach to bounce back. In this post, I shared with you the ways on how quitters can become winners.

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