How Successful People Spend Their Mornings


Everyone gets 168 hours a week. Nobody gets a minute more or less, but the results each person delivers is vastly different.



One of the most important times of the day are right after you wake up. The way you spend your time immediately after waking up is extremely crucial to your success in life and as an entrepreneur.



I didn’t realize this for years. After tons of people began talking about the importance of being productive during the morning, I decided to find out why. I went out and talked to various people who are extremely successful in their craft.



I talked to successful entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, and even actors/actresses. The results that I got were not what I was expecting.



The Survey


Before I share the results of the survey, I’m going to start by sharing exactly how this was done. I reached out to people I know or friends of friends who fit the profiles mentioned above and asked them 3 questions.



1. Do you believe it’s extremely important to wake up early (be an early riser)?


2. Seeing that you are quite successful in what you do, how do you spend your mornings?


3. Has this routine impacted your success in any way?



I asked these 3 questions to about 40 people and got some pretty interesting answers. The most interesting thing of all was the repetition in the answers I saw even though these interviews ranged across actors, musicians and entrepreneurs.



The Results


For question #1, I got a mix of answers. Some people felt that getting up early was extremely important while others found it unrelated to your success.
The most interesting answer I heard was: It doesn’t matter when you get up as long as you get your shit done. With that said, I realized that different professions require you to get up at certain times while others don’t. Coders usually stay up all night so they definitely aren’t early risers while a salesperson has to wake up early in order to close deals.



For question #2, I got a pretty common set of answers from everyone. The most popular answers I received from people were the following:


– I don’t focus on anything work related and do things such as exercising or meditation.


– Before I get my day started, I need to remind myself why I’m doing it. I spend the first hour of my day finding the motivation to keep myself going throughout the day.


– I visualize the life I want to live and then ask myself why I’m not living it yet.


– I organize and plan out everything that needs to get done in my day. I start with the most difficult tasks and move from there.



As you can see from the answers above, nobody said they check their emails or fiddle through their social media notifications. Most people are doing things that will either get them in the zone to start their work day or are trying to find motivation from inside.



For question #3, I got one answer from everyone. They all said that if they hadn’t changed their morning routine to what it is today, they wouldn’t have been successful/where they are at today.



The Lesson


Every morning when I woke up, I fiddled through my social media notifications and tried to clear my inbox out before I began my day. While that seemed useful, it didn’t seem like it was doing much to really move my day forward.



After learning about the successful routines of so many people, I have decided to change my morning routine completely. I now spend my mornings doing the following:



– 30 minutes of reminding myself of my WHY as an entrepreneur and motivating myself so that I can push through the day like a champion.


– 30 minutes of figuring out exactly what I need to get done so I can get the hardest tasks done at the peak of my motivation.



I just started this new routine this week so I will keep you guys posted on how it goes and how much of an impact it has on me as an entrepreneur.





In this article, I shared how successful people spend their mornings. From surveying various success stories in different niches, I learned a lot about how they spend their mornings.



photo credit: floyduk via photopin cc

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