How To Build A Tech Startup Without Writing Any Code


One of the most common questions I get asked by other aspiring entrepreneurs is, “How do I build my tech idea if I don’t know how to code?”



When I tell people I have a tech company, they automatically assume I know how to hustle,  design, and code. However, I really only know how to hustle.



With all my tech startups, I’ve never really written one line of code or done any of the major design work. I’ve been the business side and I’ve used my skills to get ideas put together.



The crazy thing is, my first company was a web design & web development firm that I ran for 2 years, but I still didn’t do any of the dirty work.



In this blog article, I’m going to share tips and strategies on how to build a tech startup without writing any code:



Hustle Hard


If you can’t be the technical side of the business, you have to really hustle hard. I know I use the word hustle a lot, but that’s just because there’s no better way to describe this action.



You have to leverage resources like you have never imagined. If you don’t have money, but you still want to execute your idea you need to get others to believe in your vision. You have to recruit independent developers to join your team for the long haul.



Go to hackathons, meetups, startup events, computer science classes, and just about anywhere else coders may be at. Once you get the interest of developers, you have to capture their attention.



Show them what experience you have with startups, where you see your vision in a few years, and how much you expect from them. These are key things any coder, designer, or development team will ever ask for.



Hire Well


If you have some capital or are somehow able to raise money on just a concept, you can always look to development companies. There are many companies out there that have experience working with startups and can really help you put together a killer project.



Look for small development firms that have experience working with startups. If they know a little bit about startups, they’ll probably understand your financial situation and be willing to give you the best price possible.



One thing to keep in mind: Never sacrifice quality for affordability when developing your idea. 



Outsource Strategically


Outsourcing is something I have done since I started my first company. I acquired customers here and I had all the design/development work done in countries like India, Philippines, Brazil, and Sweden.



I learned many lessons from outsourcing hundreds of projects, but the biggest one was that you can’t trust someone right away.



If you plan to outsource, give them 10% of your project or another small project to test their skills. If they are able to execute a smaller project to your satisfaction, you can begin contracting them for your bigger idea.



Outsourcing can be very stressful because people begin to trust companies in other countries too quickly. Look through their portfolio, use platforms like Odesk or Elance that protect your interest, and start small.



The best way to successfully outsource projects and build solid startups is to communicate effectively. When conveying information, specifications, wireframes, and just about anything else pertaining to your project, always remember to explain things as you would to a 5 year old.





If you are really committed to see your idea in fruition, there are many ways to get a tech company started without learning to code. I personally haven’t been a big fan of coding and have leveraged all these strategies to successfully launch numerous tech startups.



photo credit: plewicki via photopin cc

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