How To Create A Killer Logo For Your New Business

There is more to creating a company’s visual identity than just placing the name and some funny symbols around it. The recent times have seen the demand for graphic designers go up since businesses have realized the immense need to have killer branding and designs. A logo is a company’s first impression and will in most cases determine the future interaction between the customer and company.

It is out of the logo that the customer will develop a perception of the brand, make a purchase decision and have an overall attitude regarding the given products or services. Logos relate a story about the identity and culture of your company. When someone sees your logo, they are filled with thoughts and feelings that are attributed within them as a result of what you have portrayed to them. With that in mind, many decisions are made from that point forward.

Here are ways on how to create a killer logo for your new business:

1. Consider What Your Brand Represents

To ensure that customers form an association with your logo, there has to be a connection between your brand and your logo design. Ask yourself what your brand represents. This is what you need to present to your audience via your logo.

For example, if you’re a fitness company trying to target bodybuilders, you’ll probably want to have a bold and impactful logo to convey strength. This is what your market will be attracted to. This principle applies to all companies and their target audiences. Your logo-style should differ depending on who you’re looking to attract.

2. Be Unique And Clever

A logo is what helps distinguish a brand from its competitors, so it’s important that the image stands out from the rest — something many brands struggle with. In many cases, imitation is the best form of flattery but this is not the case when it comes to logo design. Creating a unique design isn’t all about avoiding imitation, but also about designing something out-of-the-box. It’s tempting to just throw an industry icon on the page, but it’s important to think creatively because this is how people will remember you.

3. Make Sure Your Logo Design Is Versatile

Being versatile goes a long way in making a logo design popular. If your logo is such that it looks great on paper but horrible on printed materials, that’ll be a problem. Furthermore, if your logo is a slave to a color scheme, it cannot be called a good logo either. Create a logo that can be just as appealing no matter where you display it.

4. Make Your Logo Design Scalable

It’s one thing to design a logo that looks good on a large piece of paper, but how does it look when you shrink it down to business card size? Would it be readable if it were embroidered on a shirt? If a logo can be scaled down to half-an-inch wide and still be readable, you’re good to go.

You may not be planning on printing t-shirts or developing other marketing materials today, but you never know what your logo will be used for in the future. Planning for the unexpected is the best approach and redesigning your business identity due to poor design is a huge hassle that will cost you money in the end.

5. Start With Black And White For The Design

The best way to enhance versatility and end up with a killer logo design is to avoid using colors at the beginning of the design. Starting with black and white on the other hand allows you to focus more on the shape and the concept. Once you solidify the concept, you can add color to it and liven it up.

6. Make Sure Your Logo Design Has A Story To Tell

Every logo has a story to tell. If you view a logo as mere artwork or a pattern of lines and/or text, you will not be able to unravel the deeper meaning behind the logo. Ideally, a good logo has two stories to tell: the obvious one and the hidden one.

If you can show your clients that the logo you have designed is not simply a shallow piece of artwork but consists of deep thinking and meticulous ideology, they’ll love it no matter how simple the concept may be.

7. Color Is Key 

When taking the brand’s personality into account, you have to think about every aspect of the image. Bright and bold colors may grab someone’s attention but could also seem brash; muted tones exude sophistication but could be overlooked. Every color has a different implication and can bring nuance to your message. Don’t fall into the trap of conveying the wrong message because of a simple brush stroke.

8. Use The Internet And Online Resources For Inspiration

The internet is full of different logo designs and lots of resources available at your disposal in the creation of a killer logo design. This is not to imply that you imitate a great logo you have seen on the internet, but rather use it to brainstorm and refine your ideas to come up with a great idea.


Having an awesome logo is essential to connecting with your audience, gaining brand recognition and establishing trust. In this post, I shared with you ways on how to create a killer logo for your new business.

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