How To Raise A Kid Entrepreneur


As I grew up, I never realized that my parents raised me to be an entrepreneur. At times, I was frustrated and frowned upon some of the ways that my parents raised me.



Looking back now, I’m extremely happy about the way they raised me because it allowed me to dive into entrepreneurship a lot earlier than I probably would have. As a parent, there are many different things that you can do to foster entrepreneurship.



In this article, I’m going to discuss how to raise a kid entrepreneur:



1. Encourage Problem Solving


Entrepreneurs all solve problems in some way. As a parent fostering entrepreneurship, you should promote your children to solve problems as much as they can.



Challenge your children to solve problems from an early age. Ask them to solve everyday problems they face or to increase their problem solving skills by participating in various activities.



2. Give Them Creative Freedom


Entrepreneurs have two very important assets that enable them to be successful. They have a broad imagination that allows them to be creative and they have the freedom to implement their creativity.



As a parent, you have to give your children the creative freedom necessary to brainstorm and have fun. By doing this, your children will begin to implement new ideas from a young age which will eventually translate into something spectacular later on.



3. Don’t Give Your Kids Everything


I know many parents out there love spoiling their kids, but that’s not the best way to raise an entrepreneurial-minded kid. Instead, make your kids earn some of the luxuries they want in life.



By making a kid earn what they want, they will learn the value of a dollar at an early age. Growing up, I wasn’t given everything that I wanted which really unleashed the hustler in me.



4. Invest In Your Kids


If your kids do begin to show signs of promise in entrepreneurship, you should really invest in them. Whether it’s money or time, your kid can benefit greatly by seeing that his/her parents support their entrepreneurial drive.



By investing in your kids and supporting their plans, you will give them the motivation to continue building.



5. Lead By Example


Often times, people fall into entrepreneurship when their role models (the parents) are also entrepreneurs. If you want your kids to be entrepreneurs, give them an inside look into your life.



Show them how a business works, why you’re an entrepreneur, and help them discover their passions in life. By allowing your kids to learn more about you, they may see the value of being an entrepreneur and attempt to follow in your footsteps.





Sometimes individuals are just not meant to be entrepreneurs. While it’s great to foster these habits among your kid, you must also be very careful to allow your children to follow their passions in life.



photo credit: thejbird via photopin cc

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