How To Set Goals & Crush Them


As an entrepreneur, goal-setting has been something that I have been able to master over time. The sooner you master setting goals, the quicker you will find yourself growing.



Most people think goals are something that should be looked at as long-term. However, I set goals every single day, week, month, and year that holds me accountable while ensuring no time goes wasted.



Setting goals are easy, but sticking to them are the hard part. In this article, I’m going to share my secrets on how to set goals & crush them:



Put Money On It


When I had a tough time staying focused and completing my goals, I decided to increase the stakes. I had my friends, colleagues, and mentors bet against me.



I’m one of the most competitive people alive and I hate losing. Turns out, losing a bet meant so much to me that I stepped up and began crushing my goals and earning some extra cash on the go.



If you feel like you’re in a slump and just don’t have the motivation to accomplish your goals, find an external way to increase the stakes for yourself.



Find Your Weaknesses


The key to success is conquering your weaknesses. Think about all the reasons why you may not be able to fulfill a specific goal and write those issues down.



If you don’t think you will be able to fulfill a goal because you have trouble getting up in the morning, you have just found your weakness. You must conquer your weakness by setting numerous obnoxious alarms or having someone else wake you up.



Every time a goal isn’t completed, there’s a reason why. Finding out what those reasons are before you start and finding a way to avoid them are extremely important.



Think About The Why


Why are you setting these goals? Thinking about why you’re doing something is the most powerful motivator you can have.



If you’re saving extra money for a trip, think about where you’re going and why it means so much. If you’re working extra late on your business, think about how you want to change the world through innovation.



Everyone has a purpose for everything that they do. Think about what your purpose behind each goal is and keep that close to you.



Reward Yourself


When I struggled to achieve my goals, I decided to start rewarding myself. For me, I would reward myself on daily goals that I achieved with something as small as treating myself out to a nice meal.



I would tell myself what I had to accomplish and once I was able to do it, I would go out and reward myself. The rewards need to be personal, but can give you some exra motivation that can push you to finish what needs to get done.



Let Someone Hold You Accountable


Growing up, my mother would be on my case about doing my homework properly. If I didn’t finish it or even did one question wrong, she would grab me by the ear (figuratively of course) and make sure it was done right.



If you don’t want to bring your mother back into your life that closely, find a friend or loved one who is willing to hold you accountable. Make sure that they really care about your success and are willing to raise hell on you if you don’t complete your goals.



Remember, don’t assign this role to the person who’s always willing to tell you what you want to hear. Give this role to the person who’s willing to tell you what you need to hear. 





Setting goals and crushing them are extremely important to the success of any entrepreneur. These tips mentioned in the article above can not only help you set goals, but also crush them.



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