How To Use Your Personal Brand To Generate Revenue

Believe it or not, if you have some skill or talent that others are interested in acquiring or perfecting, you can monetize your personal brand. The art of perfecting your personal brand and monetizing it is something that many people struggle with.

Over the years, I’ve learned different methods that have generated me a lot of revenue when it came to monetizing my personal brand. I am mainly writing this post because I’ve started seeing way too many ‘experts’ charging thousands and thousands of dollars to teach others how to monetize their personal brand.

Instead, I’m about to give away the secrets on how to use your personal brand to generate revenue for ABSOLUTELY free:

1. Showcase Yourself

Find a platform to showcase your talents and another platform where you can get people to follow you. My platform to showcase myself is this blog where I write about my experiences, lessons and knowledge. I get people to follow me through my social media platforms such as Twitter & Facebook.

No matter what your talent or skill is, if you wish to build a solid personal brand….you must find a place to showcase your talent (preferably for FREE) and another place where people can keep up with your updates as you post them.

2. Premium Content 

One of the most popular models that have been successful for many others I know is something known as a ‘FREEMIUM’ model. They give certain things away for FREE and then they charge for other things. This model is known as a FREEMIUM model that has been very successful.

If you think you can give away something for free and charge a nice upsell for an additional service or piece of content, that’s a great starting point for your personal brand. As long as you have exceptional value in your upsell and the personal brand to back it up, you’ll get paid nicely.

3. Speaking/Consulting 

This has been one of the biggest revenue generators for me that resulted from my personal brand. By showcasing my knowledge and experiences, numerous other young entrepreneurs and conference managers reached out to me for my services.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak at conferences all around the world where they paid for my travel, hotel and expenses while also compensating me for my speech. Speaking gigs can pay very nicely while giving you the ability to travel the world. Another big revenue generator for me over the years has been consulting. Even though you have to trade hours for dollars, you can earn a pretty penny by helping others succeed.

4. Affiliate Partnerships 

Affiliate marketing has a really negative connotation in the world because of many people have abused it. However, affiliate marketing when done right can be a splendid thing. All you’re doing is taking is products or services that you believe in and sharing it with others who would be interested in it as well.
If your reader or follower decides to purchase, you get paid for it. The big mistake many people make is that they promote irrelevant things or too many things to their audience. What are the tools and programs that you truly believe in? Find those, create affiliate partnerships that are strategic and share those with your audience.

5. Sell A Physical Product

All you need to be successful is really a brand. Whether your company has a strong brand or you do, you can find a way to monetize your audience. Another great way that some of my business friends have monetized their brands has been through physical products. I’ve sold physical and digital books in the past that have netted me some nice revenue and I’ve had some friends who’ve actually sold physical products that went along with their personal brand.

Let me give you an example. My friend Shirley has a really awesome yoga brand built around her social media. As her popularity began rising, she asked me for help and I suggested that she create her own yoga brand around her name selling different products. She began sourcing products from Alibaba (popular yoga products) and then she began selling it to her audience. Last I heard from her, she was doing $100,000 a month in revenue from this brand.


If you’ve got a personal brand with a strong following, the next step is to monetize it. Many people are skeptical or fail trying to monetize their personal brands, but it’s all about consistency, persistence and experimentation. In this post, I shared how to use your personal brand to generate revenue.

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