If Life Was Easy, Here’s What The Big Problem Would Be

Never in history has the easy life led to a great life. Not in one case has something great come without tribulation, struggle or failure. Instead of fearing struggle, strain, and tribulation, you should embrace it. It’s in the struggle that you experience growth. It’s about conquering obstacles that you experience as you go through the wonderful journey of life.

There’s a big problem out there and it is inside many of us. The problem is many of us want life to be easier. We want change to be easier. We want to lose weight faster. We want to have more confidence easier. However, if we got whatever we wanted by simply asking for it….life would no longer be a challenge. It would become easy and with great ease comes great difficulties.

The big issue is that many people wish that their life was easy, but they’re really not aware of what they’d be signing up for if it was so.  If life was easy, here’s what the big problem would be.

1. Wishing For An Easy Life Is A Shame

This time is the best time of our life. It doesn’t matter how old we are. What matters is that we’re still alive. That’s why it’s an amazing time because there is so much in the world for us. One of the biggest problems is that we want success and happiness, but we want it to come without effort. We don’t want to struggle, failures or to really face embarrassment. We don’t want to be rejected.

We want everything to be perfect. We want our first business idea to be the big one. We want anything we do for the very first time to be perfect. For those of us who expect things to be easy and want everything handed on a silver platter, it’s really wrong of us. It’s a damn shame to be willing to forgo some of the most beautiful moments and experiences of life just so you can have something. There is no better feeling in the world than working your ass off to earn something.

2. Ease is Not Only Useless, It’s Evil

There’s a commonly held worldview that your life is your own and you have the right to do what you want with it. However, one aspect of this argument is that this should not be the case when it comes to laziness. If everything is easy, then we as humans become lazy and stop having ambition, dreams and motivation.

It’s also a universal truth that many have died so everyone can live the freedom that many of us take for granted. They’ve sacrificed their lives in battle, they’ve laid down their lives in protest and they’ve given their lives to innovation and helping others. To not live a life fulfilling to yourself and to them would be injustice.

3. Easy Lives Don’t Make Us Grow

In order to have an easier life, we take no risks. We never try anything new. When we go out to eat, we eat at the same restaurants and order the same things every time. After work, we come home and have the same routine. We know what we do each day of the week.

We are on the sidelines while we read and hear about people doing what we dream about. They are facing challenges and finding a way to overcome them. We avoid challenges completely, but we also avoid any chance of success.

But then we wonder why we’re not happy. Why can’t we be like that person? We want that success. We’ve done everything we should. We have a house, car and a job. Why are we not happy? That unhappiness weighs heavily on us. We struggle to get out of bed.

Dreams have gone unfulfilled. We haven’t forgotten about them. We will never forget about them. They don’t just go away. The more we avoid going after our dream, the more it eats us on the inside. At the end of the day, if things are always easy….you will never grow as a person. If you want that big accomplishment under your belt, life is NOT going to be easy. You’re going to be uncomfortable and discomfort is key in bringing about change in your life.


To create a life of accomplishment and one of success, YOU have to embrace hard work. Hard work creates grit. It gives us a sense of pride, purpose and accomplishment. Going the easy way will not give us this sort of satisfaction in life. In this post, I shared with you what will happen if life was easy, and the big problem there would be.

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