Mastering Your Relationship With Money


Money is one of the most sought-after objects in the world today. We are dependent on money every single day of our lives.



As an entrepreneur, you should never be chasing money. Your purpose should be far deeper than that. For most people, money is something that is quite heavily involved within your plans.



Many people out there will tell you the best way to get rich is to save money. But are you truly wealthy if all you’re doing is saving? Are you enjoying your wealth if it’s hoarded in bank accounts?



Chances are, you aren’t! As a young entrepreneur, I started off pinching pennies left and right. Eventually, life just sucked.



I had some money saved up, but I wasn’t enjoying it. Money enables us to enjoy the pleasures and luxuries of life, which are essential to our success. Thus, why not take a new approach to getting wealthy?



Make More, Spend The Same


People save money by cutting down on the things they enjoy in life. My friend once told me that he would never take another vacation again so that he could save more money. Unfortunately, my friend was an avid traveller and really enjoyed exploring the world.



If you enjoy taking vacations and journeying out to new places, why should you give it up? Why are we so quick to think that saving money is the answer to all of our problems?



A better answer is to simply make more money. You enjoy vacations, but at the same time you also need to start saving money for a new car. Great, start making more money so you can have both without sacrificing the other.



Figuring Out How Much You Need


Using this model also puts people at the risk of abusing it. You must draw the line and figure out what items are reasonable luxuries and which ones aren’t.



If you want something, the most simple answer is to go out and get it. However, this relationship with money does NOT mean that you blow your savings and go to Vegas.



You save what you need to save while buying the things you still enjoy. If you need a new car, but you also don’t want to give up your trip to Starbucks every morning, the answer is simple.



Figure out how much money your regular trips to Starbucks costs and find a way to earn that much more. You may be working a bit more, but now you also get to enjoy the pleasures of life while saving up money for your new car.





Most people who listen to this approach or read this article will say, “I’m already making the most money I can so this doesn’t work.” You are never making the most money you can.



When there is a will, there is a way. You set limits on how you value yourself, but you can truly earn as much money as you want.



If you need more money, stop sacrificing and start earning more. There are plenty of opportunities out there and if something is worthwhile, you can and will take the extra effort necessary to make more money!



Using this model, I have been far more successful in earning more money while enjoying the pleasures of life without sacrificing anything. Anyone can do this, it just takes the right attitude and approach to make it happen!



photo credit: Roger Smith via photopin cc

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