Why All Entrepreneurs Need To Fail Once….

Alright, I admit that this article sounds a bit harsh when you look at it first. However, I do have a good point with this. I’m going to explain to everyone why I think every entrepreneur needs to fail once in their endeavors. Here are the reasons why:


1. Reality check

When most entrepreneurs start out, they are on cloud nine. They tend to seem like they are invincible and even think they know it all. Until this entrepreneur fails, they stay on this magical “high” thinking they are the best of the best. Confidence is great, but being realistic is extremely important. Failing once makes everyone level headed and takes them out of their “know it all” stage.


2. You must taste the bottom to enjoy the top

When entrepreneurs fail for the first time, they really get some time to think about the whole experience. Most of the time they sulk for a bit before regaining the momentum and energy to go again. To really enjoy success, you must know what failure feels like. Otherwise, you won’t really have the same appreciation for success that others do


3. You come back stronger, smarter and better

After failing, you really get to learn a lot through the whole experience. Hopefully, you understand why you failed and what things could have been done much better. You also have redemption on your mind, which makes you much more motivated. Failing once helps prepare your mind and body as you fight the upward battle to success.


4. Nobody wants to be remembered as a failure


Nobody wants to be known as the guy who failed and never succeeded. Failure puts a label on you that you want to remove as quickly as possible. Failing keeps you focused, driven and determined to succeed. Some qualities that every successful entrepreneur needs at some point. Many times, you have to fail to develop that “winning is everything” attitude.


5. It leads to something bigger

There are many stories that have circulated over the years where someones failure brought them to their biggest success. Often times your failure can uncover something much bigger than your original plans. A lot of successful individuals have admitted that their failures played a huge role in their success. When you fail, you may wonder away and land yourself in something much bigger.


Failure has always been looked down upon, but I never understood why. Everyone fails at something or another. Instead of looking at failure as something negative, it should be hailed as something good. Without failure, lots of things would not happen the way they do. Entrepreneurs really need to fail at least once to reach the pinnacle of their success.


Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts? Share your comments and thoughts below.

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