Why Amazon Has the Power to Eliminate Google

Google and Amazon have been superpowers in their respective online areas for years now. However, in recent years with a larger number of internet companies coming to the spotlight, the competition has stiffened up amongst Google and Amazon. Google and Amazon have directly become competitors with one another and both are looking to eliminate each other.


In this epic battle, one of the biggest companies in history could very well go for a faltering spin. Given the basic structure and business model of each company, Amazon is far more battle ready than Google is. Amazon has the power to eliminate Google, unless Google can do something big to recover.


Amazons Secret Weapon

Google’s stocks in recent days have reached an all time high, but that still is not enough proof of how stable Google really is. Amazon has been unleashing new features and convenient new tools for their users quite rapidly for the last few years. These features have really won over their existing users while bringing them more customers.


Google makes most of its money from individuals who search for a product or item and make a purchase through one of the results that are provided. They directly benefit from the Pay Per Click (PPC) feature because every click equates to Google making some sort of revenue. The more users that use Google to make purchases, the more people tend to invest in a PPC campaign.


It all seems great for Google until Amazon showed that they have the power to save users time and energy. Instead of using Google to find the best value for a product, Amazon can do the same thing for you while saving you time. When you use Google, you have to search a keyword relevant to your product and go through various websites to find the best price. This can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes before you select a specific website to buy from.


When you use Amazon, you simply type the name of the product and you select the one that fits your needs. Once you do that, you are provided hundreds of new and used sellers that are selling this product. You now have the ability to select the seller much faster based on the best reviews and prices available. You no longer have to constantly hit the back button and go hunting down your product on numerous different websites using Google because Amazon has comprised all the sellers in one database.


A Shift Must Take Place

Before Google can be wiped out a massive shift must take place in the world of internet commerce. Amazon needs to do a lot of marketing to raise awareness of the benefits that can be reaped through the use of Amazon’s database in comparison to Google’s. While Amazon has the ability to eat into Google’s market share immensely, it would take a fairly long time for Amazon to completely eliminate Google.


Personally, when I need to buy a product online, I do not use Google to find that product. I skip Google, save myself time and use Amazon to find whatever I am looking for. Not only do I get the best deal available in the market, but I get a trusted seller and save a lot of time using Amazon to make my purchases. If Amazon can raise awareness of their advanced database, they have the potential to take massive revenue from Google PPC in the coming years.

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