Why Bad Grades & Poor Test Scores Do Not Define You


Growing up, I had my moments of being a great student and being a poor student. In elementary school, I was on top of my game mainly because my parents forced me to study hard. I was at the top of my class each year and I had really good grades.



As things progressed, my grades began to drop dramatically in Junior High and High School. It wasn’t that I was stupid, but rather that I was uninterested. Boring curriculums being taught by boring individuals wasn’t a great combination.



However, I never let those bad grades and poor test scores define me. Many people categorize poor grades as stupidity, but that’s far from the truth.



In this article, I’m going to talk about why bad grades & poor test scores do not define you.



Experience Triumphs Memorization


From my time in school, I remember doing one thing and one thing only. Memorizing a crap ton of material so that I can hope for that big A on my next test. Eventually, that routine got old.



Instead of spending my time indoors studying the textbook inside and out, I was outside experiencing life. I learned so much from putting myself out there and getting an education through experience.



Turns out, those experiences helped more than you’d think. Where are the kids today who got all the A’s during high school? They’re in college becoming a product of society. Most likely, they’re going to get a mediocre job doing mediocre shit.



I on the other hand didn’t have great grades and I admit to that. However, I get to speak at conferences around the nation, build amazing businesses and do things most people my age don’t ever get to do.



This was all made possible because I sought out my own path in life. I didn’t become a product of the schools, instead I went out seeking my own answers. As a result, my experiences allowed me to take a path no one else usually does.



Grades & GPA’s Are All Superficial Things


In high school, my teachers, counselors, friends, and family members constantly reminded me how important my GPA was. When I started my own business and pitched to clients, not a single person gave one shit about my GPA.



They cared about who I was, why I was the best candidate and how I can help their business. It was all about selling myself. I don’t care if you have a 4.0 GPA and a 2,400 SAT score because if you can’t sell yourself, you’re screwed.



You think a 4.0 GPA and a 2,400 SAT score is enough to get into Harvard? Think again. Interviews play a significant role in your admission. If you think you can flash that 4.0 GPA and 2,400 SAT score on your resume and just get hired, you’re wrong.



Just because you flunk or get C’s in school doesn’t mean that you’re stupid. It just means that you refuse to be weighed down by the superficial labels schools are trying to place on your intelligence.



Go through the list of the wealthiest and most successful individuals in our world today. Individuals such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk weren’t really amazing students in the classroom. They showed their brilliance outside of these confined rooms.



Achievement Correlates To Mindset


If I really cared about school and enjoyed it enough to really try, I would have absolutely crushed it. I have no doubt in my mind, but the problem was that I hated every minute of it. I didn’t want to thrive in the classroom setting.



When I journeyed into entrepreneurship, I wanted to be successful more than anything else in the world. I put my mind to it and BAM, I saw myself achieving things I could have never imagined before.



School isn’t for everyone. That’s absolutely fine. It’s a shame that education in the classroom has become such a mainstream form of learning. I didn’t go to school for entrepreneurship.



I learned entrepreneurship through taking action, making mistakes and teaching myself along the way. If your mind isn’t in the classroom, don’t worry about it. Some of the most intelligent people never succeeded in a classroom setting.





I am sick and tired of seeing the grading system in schools killing the dreams of people. In this article, I discussed why bad grades & poor test scores do not define you.



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