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An Open Message To Everyone Who Falls Short of Their Goals

In conclusion, falling short of your goal is normal. You need to experience failure so you will know which parts you should improve on. If you have fallen short in achieving success, get up, analyze the process and start all over again. Never be discouraged when you have fallen short of your goals.

8 Ways To Increase Engagement With Your Audience

Engagement is not about growing the audience, but taking care of the one you already have. That’s how small audiences turn into loyal armies. In this post, I shared with you 8 ways to increase engagement with your audience.

How I Sold 2 Companies For A Profit In The Last 5 Years

Whether you plan to build a startup or to sell a company, planning must be a priority in your business. Selling a company is not easy, but if it was built with a solid foundation and has all the right things going on, it won’t be too tough to find a suitor. In this post, I shared with you tips on how I sold 2 companies for a profit in the last 5 years.