10 Things To Know Before Dating An Entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, because entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. It’s something that takes over your entire life and it ends up being your number one priority in most cases. When you enter a romantic relationship, many partners have a tough time accepting the fact that they won’t always be the most important thing.


Many of my entrepreneurial friends often times tell me how tough it is to date an entrepreneur. The difficulty with dating an entrepreneur is that most people don’t truly understand what the life of an entrepreneur consists of.


I’ve been in a relationship with a lovely woman for almost 7 years now and she’s been with me even before I began my entrepreneurial journey. There were many times were things were extremely tough given my lifestyle, but to this day we have made it work.


In this post, I’ll share 10 things to know before dating an entrepreneur:


1. Their Mind Is Always Wandering 


Entrepreneurs constantly look for opportunities and think about different things. It’s something that they just cannot control regardless of where they are. It’s nearly impossible for me to ever shut my brain down and I’m always thinking of various things. It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy being with my partner, it’s just that my mind is hyperactive and it constantly considers different things.


2. They Don’t Do Well With Ultimatums 


More likely than not, entrepreneurs choose the path that they have chosen because someone at some point gave them an ultimatum they weren’t willing to accept. If you’re someone who has to have it your way, it’ll be very tough getting into a relationship with an entrepreneur. If you give them an ultimatum, it’s fairly easy for entrepreneurs to choose their freedom over you.


3. They Have Strong Opinions 


Entrepreneurs have strong opinions about almost everything. For the most part, entrepreneurs are extremely passionate individuals that care about a lot of different things. If you’re about to engage into a discussion or debate, be ready for things to get intense because entrepreneurs are always willing to let their opinions be heard loud and clear.


4. They Get Bored Easily 


Entrepreneurs are always growing, learning and changing. They want a partner who also thinks and feels the same way. Entrepreneurs want their partners to challenge them, grow, change and to want new things in life so that they are never bored.


5. They Hate Lazy People 


Because entrepreneurs are so busy themselves, they hate people who are lazy. They are constantly looking for people who want more out of their lives and they want to learn about new things from their partners. If you’re lazy, your entrepreneurial partner will see right through it and eventually get frustrated.


6. They Operate On Their Own Schedule


Entrepreneurs never really work a 9 to 5. As a result of that, if you’re looking forward to catch your favorite television show with your significant other at 7 PM, you might have to think again. Being with an entrepreneur requires you to often times operate at a very weird schedule. Be ready for some midnight dates.


7. They Need Their Own Space


Entrepreneurs are free spirits who love their solitude and space. As an entrepreneur, I love being with my significant partner and spending time with her, but at the same time I love having my space at times. Having space allows me to pursue my own hobbies, passions and adventures in life. If you’re extremely clingy, entrepreneurs might not make the best partners for you.


8. Their Moods Change All The Time


It can be frustrating for someone dating an entrepreneur. They get to see their significant partner on a limited basis and even when they see them, they aren’t always happy or ecstatic. It’s not your fault, it’s just what entrepreneurs go through on a regular basis. Sometimes they’re on top of the world and at other times they feel terrible, it’s the roller coaster ride that comes with the entrepreneurial journey.


9. They Think & Care About You More Than You Know 


As an entrepreneur, it’s often tough to show the ones you love how much you really love them. As a result, it might have you questioning whether or not your partner cares for you and loves you. However, you should know that they do care about you and think about you way more often than you can imagine. They just have to make sacrifices in the short-term to live their dream.


10. They May Miss Big Events/Moments In Your Life


The common theme in this article has been the lack of time that an entrepreneur has. You need to understand that sometimes a big meeting or a pitch to investors may end up landing on the same day as a big event in your life. You have to be willing to accept that sometimes an entrepreneur has to do what they have to do.




In this article, I shared 10 things to know before dating an entrepreneur. Share some of your own experiences when dating entrepreneurs below.



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