12 Signs You’re An Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs are very different people. They have something about their personality, work ethic, and charisma that just stands out.



Are you an entrepreneur or someone who is aspiring to be one? Most entrepreneurs share a lot of common traits. Here are 12 signs you’re an entrepreneur:



1. You Love Beating The Norm


Are you someone who hates doing what society expects of you? Entrepreneurs love breaking rules and doing things on their own terms.



The word is FREEDOM. Entrepreneurs love freedom in anything and everything they do. They defy odds, do what society least expects, and embrace originality.



2. Control-Freak


Okay maybe not a complete control-freak, but you love to be in control. Entrepreneurship gives you the ability to etch out your own future and destiny. You’re the owner of your future.



Entrepreneurs love control and being in the driver seat of everything they do. If you love being in control, you will probably make a great entrepreneur.



3. Hustlers Ambition


Instead of opening a lemonade stand when you were 8, did you supply all your friends with the lemonade? Entrepreneurs always have a little hustle in them from an early age.



When I was 9 years old, I wanted to create a website and make money from it. I made the website, but failed at making money. The point was, I still wanted to make money at that young age. Entrepreneurs always have a lot of ambition and hustle in them!



4. Nobody Wants To Hire You


I forgot the percentages, but there’s actually quite a few entrepreneurs that had to create their own company because NOBODY would hire them. Don’t worry, it’s great because 9 to 5 jobs suck anyway.



If nobody wants to hire you, they probably think your a handful to manage. Entrepreneurs are hard to manage because they are creative thinkers and want to be FREE.



5. People Think You’re Crazy


You share your big dreams, aspirations, and goals with others and they simply look at you like you are crazy. I have some huge goals for myself by the time I turn 25 and every time I tell people, they think I’m crazy!



Since I’m on this topic, I’ll share what my goals by the age of 25 are:


– I want to become a global brand


– Through my startups, I plan to impact millions


– I wish to attain at least $5 Million in wealth


– I want to be able to take one of my startups and turn it into a big business


– I want to give back to the world once I turn 25



And those are just a few of the goals I want to accomplish before I turn 25. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs were once told that they were absolutely crazy for what they were trying to do. Now that they have accomplished what they said they would, who’s the crazy one?



6. Satisfaction Rarely Exists


I’ve often talked about why the wealthiest people in the world are so wealthy. I attribute it to a constant hunger to attain more wealth. Satisfaction is a dangerous thing.



If you’re satisfied with success, what you earn, or where you’re at…….you will never grow from that point. Entrepreneurs are NEVER satisfied. Make a million dollars, ask yourself why it wasn’t 2 million dollars?



Growing up, my parents were proud of my accomplishments but they were never satisfied. They expected me to be better because they knew I was. I score the winning basket at my NJB game and they say “Good job, but why did you have 4 turnovers?” The hunger to always do better and achieve more lives within entrepreneurs.



7. Confidence Is A Stain They Can’t Wipe Off


Entrepreneurs aren’t cocky, they’re just confident. However you look at it, confident entrepreneurs have proven that they do it better.



Confidence is a great thing and if you have it, embrace it. It’s one of the key traits one must have to become a successful entrepreneur.



8. You’re Okay With Getting Paid Later


Entrepreneurs are willing to work for free. In order to have a better tomorrow, you must sacrifice today. Society has programmed us to always receive money for every period of time we work for.



However, entrepreneurs understand that you must work for free now in order to get paid in the future. They have no problem with it and they love it, because they know the returns will far-exceed any 9 to 5 job.



9. Sleep Is For The Broke


Once you’re grinding away on your business, sleep is really unnecessary. You only sleep when you really can’t stay awake longer.



Do you ever find yourself doing something and simple get immersed in it? Entrepreneurs are born and bred in that manner. They take rest only when they need it.



10. TGIM


Screw TGIF. It’s all about TGIM (thanks to Eric Thomas for creating this amazing day for entrepreneurs). Thank God It’s Monday!



Entrepreneurs are happy to see Monday’s hit. Businesses open and entrepreneurs can go back to making money, which is always a great thing. Love your mondays just as much as your Fridays!



11. Work Hard, Play Harder


Entrepreneurs go hard. I’ve been to all the conferences and events with entrepreneurs, I know what you guys do once you turn off the laptop. Hell, I’m an entrepreneur myself!



I know what it’s like. Entrepreneurs work hard, but they play harder. Entrepreneurs enjoy every minute of life (inside and outside of the workplace).



12. You’ve Been Taking Risks All Your Life


Entrepreneurship is a risk. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply crazy. Risks aren’t a bad thing though.



I love risks. Without risks, there is no adrenaline rush and conquering obstacles just don’t feel the same! Entrepreneurs aren’t scared of taking risks, they love the challenge and do everything possible to make it happen.





Are you an entrepreneur already? Or are you trying to see if entrepreneurship is the right path for you? Nevertheless, these are some of the most common signs you’re an entrepreneur. Share what signs told you that entrepreneurship was the right path for you!




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