4 Easy Steps To Boost Your Online Reputation


In recent years, reputation management has become extremely popular. Businesses charge individuals and other companies hundreds to thousands of dollars a month to manage their reputation.



Surprisingly, people are paying for it because managing your reputation is very important. Your clients, employers, and even dates are googling your name to dig up as much dirt about you as they can.



Not managing your online reputation can be the reason why your clients go with the competitors, employers hire someone else, or your date dumps you before even giving you a chance.



In this article, I’m going to share 4 easy steps to boost your online reputation:



1. Get a domain


One of the easiest and quickest ways to build credibility for yourself is to create a website that’s all about you. You get to control everything that is said about you!



Not only that, but your domain name will typically show up on the top of search engines when other people search for you. Personal websites are a very easy way to boost your online reputation.



2. Get Some Professional Headshots


Professional headshots can cost anywhere from $50-$100 but will prove to be a very valuable investment. People judge you by the pictures they see online and you’d much rather be seen posing in a suit than lying on the floor of a club.



Take a few professional pictures and use them on social media pages, your website, and any other sites people are visiting to find out more about you.



3. Get Other People To Talk About You


The fastest way I was able to build my online reputation was by getting other people to talk about me. These other people included bloggers, influencers, media outlets, journalists, and just about anyone else who was a credible source.



Don’t look for a friend or cousin to talk about you, but rather other authority figures who can boost your online reputation very quickly.



4. Blog Like An Expert


In your professional career, you must be an expert at some topic or area. Create a blog on your personal website or through WordPress and start sharing your expertise and knowledge with others.



Blogging is an easy, but effective way to build up your online reputation since you can share your experience with people on a broad scale. Your blog will typically show up when people search for you and you can leverage that to impress others.





If you plan to invest in anything, invest in yourself. Building your online reputation is something that will carry on with you for the rest of your life. Be sure to use these strategies and others to successfully create a strong online reputation for yourself.



And before I end this article, I will share you with one of my favorite pictures about this topic.


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