8 Powerful Tips For Work-Life Balance

Owning a business isn’t easy because it requires a lot of sacrifices and a ton of hours. Many people as entrepreneurs and business owners especially struggling with having a healthy balance in life. Myself included, I found myself working way more than my friends and family expected me to.

Not only that, but I saw myself burning out and getting extremely tired from just working. That’s when I knew I had to do something to create a healthier balance in my life. Today, I spend time with friends, workout, have leisure time and work making my life a lot more balanced.

Here are 8 powerful tips for work-life balance:

1. Seek Out Opportunities To Create More Meaningful Work

If you want to transform your life so you’re not merely living for the weekend, you need to get more meaning out of your work. This means actively thinking about how you can transfer your personal passions to add value to your workplace and ultimately have more fun. Keep your passions at the top of your mind because if you love what you do, you’ll feel less frustrated with it.

2. Drop Activities That Drain Your Time Or Energy

It’s easy to get sucked into habits that make us less efficient without us realizing it such as keeping your Facebook tab open at work so you don’t miss something “important.” Do an inventory of activities that don’t enhance your life or career and minimize the time you spend on them.

It’s hard to say “no” especially to an opportunity or a loved one, but sometimes that little word is the key to a bit more work-life balance. Will the office really collapse in on itself if you don’t do one more final thing? Learn to use the word “no” judiciously and it will become a powerful tool in balancing work and family.

3. Put A Time Window On Responses

Whether it’s an email, a phone call, or an employee question, make it clear that you will respond to questions and requests within a specific time frame. For some, this simply means a 24-48 hour window while others opt to only address questions during a specific time frame each day (like 9:00-10:00 a.m.) This will keep you from rushing to respond while also letting others know when they can expect to hear back from you.

4. Get A Move On

Research shows that exercise helps you remain alert. Finding time to hit the gym may be hard in a jam-packed schedule, but it will ultimately help you get more things done because exercise releases endorphins, boosts energy and increases your ability to concentrate.

If the gym’s not an option, are there people in your neighborhood you could meet several mornings a week before work to go for a quick 30 minute walk? If mornings are a no-go, how about stepping away from your desk at lunchtime to go for a stroll? Remember, it’s all about finding some sort of time pocket in your day to get some exercise in.

5. Get Up Early And Do Something For Yourself Before Starting Your Working Day

Do you feel like your week revolves around work and everything else comes secondary? Getting up early and making some time for yourself before getting to work is an easy way to refocus your day and gain better control of your work-life balance. This could mean doing some exercise, walking the dog, having breakfast with your family or practicing mindful activities such as meditation, journaling or yoga.

6. Monitor & Analyze Your Activity

Thanks to wearable tech devices you can easily monitor both your level of physical activity and your sleep habits. For managers who want a clear picture of balance, these relatively low-cost tools can paint an accurate picture and help you get back on track with healthier habits. Not only that, but they provide healthy reminders to stand up, breathe and stretch throughout the day.

7. Work Smarter Not Harder 

Instead of working so hard, find ways to work smarter. It’s all about efficiency in anything you can do. If you can get the same things done in half the time without working as hard, you’d do it right? Anyone would! I’ve learned to work smarter by delegating tasks to employees and others while focusing on the mission critical things myself on a  day to day basis.

8. Quit Rushing To Work 

Rushing to work and skipping breakfast is an unhealthy reality for many. Waking up in a rush sets you up for an unsettled day and skipping breakfast only adds to the recipe for disaster. If you’re not taking the time to fuel your body before work, your productivity and energy levels are ultimately going to take a hit as the day progresses. This means you’ll have less motivation to make the most of your day, which leads to a decline in productivity and potentially missing important deadlines.


Finding a simple work-life balance takes time and effort, but it can dramatically impact your happiness and overall success. In this post, I shared with you 8 powerful tips for work-life balance.

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