8 Ways To Get Motivated & Work Hard Even When You’re Feeling Lazy

If you feel like you’re in a bit of slump right now, you’re not alone. These unmotivated, uninspired times can occur to the best of us. It happens to us when we lose our focus and rush through our day-to-day life without a grounding intention. This can happen to anyone and usually it takes us by surprise.

It’s never easy to motivate yourself, especially after a bad day or when you’re extremely stressed. However, there are ways on how to stay motivated even if you feel exhausted and lazy. Here are 8 ways to get motivated & work hard even when you’re feeling lazy:

1. Figure Out What Your Task Means For The Big Picture

When you’re feeling lazy and getting distracted easily, you’re choosing to forget what your tasks mean for the big picture. Chances in life are limited and that is why they are very important. To motivate yourself to get off the couch and do something important, pinpoint what wrapping that task up will mean for the big picture.

Focusing on a dull task doesn’t make it any more attractive. Zooming out and asking yourself why you are bothering in the first place will just make it more appealing. Get yourself excited about how it’ll help you move forward with your goals if you accomplish it!

2. Commit Publicly

Accountability works. None of us likes to look bad in front of others. Chances are, if you’ve promised to do something publicly, you’ll be more likely to achieve it. That’s why so many people do things like creating public blogs or Instagram accounts to hold themselves accountable for fitness and weight loss goals. You don’t have to go public with your goals to reap the benefits of accountability. You can do it with co-workers, friends or family members.

3. Find Inspiration

When you are having a tough time staying motivated, one way to get back on track is to find inspiration. For some, that may mean reading inspirational stories of others who’ve succeeded at what you’re working on or it might mean reminding yourself of your own past successes. Other times it might mean writing down or repeating an inspirational quote to yourself. The key is to find inspiration in the little things when things are going downhill.

4. Organize Your Goals

Figure out which goals are the most important to you. Which goals would you be the most motivated to accomplish first? Think realistically about whether each goal is attainable based on your current time, financial or other resources. Sometimes, one goal needs to be accomplished before it makes sense to begin another goal (i.e., goals sometimes build on each other). Focusing on improving one or two areas will help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed because being overwhelmed can kill your motivation. When you feel overwhelmed, you may be tempted to abandon pursuing your goals because you think they can’t be achieved.

5. Listen To Pump-Up Music

Music motivates us. Why do people listen to music when they go to the gym? Because it gives us energy and mentally stimulates us.  We don’t just have an emotional reaction when we listen to music; we also have a physical reaction. Music engages our bodies’ sympathetic nervous systems. Our airway opens, our heart accelerates and our muscles become primed for movement. When the speed, intensity or volume of the music rises, our pulse quickens and our breathing accelerates.

6. Make Your Time Count

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and the same 7 days in a week. It’s what you do with your time that matters. Don’t waste your time on things you don’t care about. Don’t waste your time on people who get you down. Make the most of your time!

7. Be Proud

If you are currently struggling with motivation but have had some success with your goals in the past, take a moment to feel pride about your past accomplishments on that goal. Even if you don’t yet have any successes under your belt in the specific area you are trying to be motivated in, you surely have been successful at something in the past that you can feel proud of. By feeling proud of yourself, you will be more likely to remain motivated especially when times get tough.

8. Take A Power Nap

Another way to unleash your brain’s natural energy is to take a power nap. Researchers have found there are clear benefits to napping, including increased alertness after your nap. The key is doing it right. In other words, napping for the right amount of time and at the right time of day makes all the difference.


The enemy of laziness is action and activity. One small step at a time adds up to real transformation. Staying motivated even when you feel lazy will help you reach success despite the trials in between. In this post, I shared with you 8 ways to get motivated & work hard even when you’re feeling lazy.

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