A Day In The Life of Jeet Banerjee


So I’ve had quite a few requests to post an article sharing a day in my life or what my schedule looks like on a daily basis. Today, I finally decided to write on this topic.



So while most people have a fixed set of things to do on a daily basis, my schedule changes from day to day given the priorities I have. However, I’m going to share with you typically what a day in my life looks like.



I Live, Sleep, and Breath Around My Businesses


Many people notice that I’m a consultant, author, public speaker, startup consultant/adviser, and investor and really get confused about where I spend my time the most.



However, for me it’s really simple. My business ventures always come first. I’m usually doing everything that revolves around my business venture and thus most of my day is taken up working towards my business.



With that in mind, below I’m going to share with you a detailed entry of what a day in my life looks like. Beware: My days change dramatically so this is the best example of a typical day in my life.



Life as Jeet Banerjee


6:45 AM: Rise & Grind – I groggily open up my eyes and wake up to a whiteboard full of goals and things to do. Before I even get out of bed, I grab my cellphone and begin checking my emails (usually have 200+ emails when I wake up every morning). I also grab my laptop and sit in bed for 45 minutes emailing people back, checking social media updates, and preparing for the day ahead of me.


7:30 AM: The 2 Foot Walk – I literally take two steps from my bed to my desk. I hop onto my desk and continue working. Typically, I write my blog articles around this time or take care of some work that is not related to my business at all. Usually this work revolves around some of the startups I consult, my personal brand, or anything else that may come up.


8:30 AM: Time To Get Dolled Up – This is my queue to get up and get out of bed. I take a shower, grab a small bite to eat, and head out for the office.


9:15 AM: Communicate With The World – I usually make it into the office by now. From there, I typically jump into meetings with my team or business meetings on the phone with other companies that can somehow benefit my businesses. These meetings usually range and last about 1-2 hours.


11:00 AM: Team MeetingsThe team and I usually get together and really figure out what goals we want to accomplish by the end of the day. Each day is different, but it somehow ties into the common vision of our businesses. We work on things that need to get done or will help us continue pushing forward towards our goals.


12:30 PM: Nom, Nom, Nom – It’s lunchtime! My team & I head out for lunch – we value our meals together highly so we typically find a real nice place to eat.


1:30 PM: Communicate With The World – From there, it’s back to the grind. Typically, I jump into more phone calls & meetings that are for my business. These meetings can range from a wide variety of things depending on who’s calling and what’s required.


3:00 PM: Attempt #1 For Inbox Zero  – It’s time to get back to the desk and start working. I go through my email box one more time as I’ve probably piled up quite a few emails throughout the day so I spend that time replying to it. I also reply to social media posts, etc.


3:30 PM: Family Time – This is the part of the day where I really get engaged with the other key members of our team. I work with interns, employees, developers, and other partners to continue getting things done that will help our business move forward.



4:30 PM: Fun & Games – The day is usually wrapping up for other people around this time, but it’s just a checkpoint for us. We usually take a little break by playing some ping pong, shooting some hoops in a trashcan, etc.



5:00 PM: Me Time – I wrap up any other work that is left for my businesses at this point and typically start preparing for other things I plan to get done for the day that are outside of my businesses.



5:30 PM: Communicate With The World – I usually take phone calls/meetings about other non-business related things, do work for my personal brand, consult/advise with startups, write guest blogs, etc.



7:00 PM: Attempt #2 At Inbox Zero – I get back to the computer to check my emails and social media updates one more time. This is a never-ending process for me just because I get so many emails, sometimes more than I can handle.


7:30 PM: Work Hard, Play Hard  I wrap up the final things I need to get done. From there, I usually head out with my business partner to a night of fun. We’ll typically go out and spend some time with friends and just escape the business world for a few hours since we’ve worked almost 12 hours.


11:00 PM: Attempt At Inbox Zero #3 – Check back in to my house. I usually get back on the computer one last time for the night to check my emails and get as caught up as possible so the next morning isn’t as bad. I’ll also do a little bit of work that may carry over from the day at this time.


11:30 PM: See What’s Happening In The World – I use this time to either read, look up news in the world, or to catch up on all the sports action I missed.


12:15 AM: Beauty Sleep – I’m finally in bed and ready to call it a night!





As mentioned above, my days vary heavily each day which isn’t always a good thing. However, this is what a typical day in the life of Jeet Banerjee looks like!


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