How To Dress For Success & Impress Everyday

The way a person dress says a lot about his personality, and it can influence us in our performance at work. Not only that, but the better you look the better you feel. There’s just something about looking like a million bucks that makes you feel like you can go out and get it.

Dressing properly can make good impressions and it can give a person the confidence they need to succeed. For example, Connor McGregor is one of the sharpest dressed individuals I have ever seen and his confidence can be seen a mile away. If you aren’t dressing for success already, you’re making a big mistake. Here’s how to dress for success and impress everyday:

1. Read The Dress Code

If you just landed a job, the first thing you should know is the dress code. Every company and organization has their own set of rules. Knowing what the company requires you to wear will be the first step to build your outfits around. You never want to violate anyone’s dress code and you want to adhere by the rules while impressing.

2. Wear Clothing That Properly Fits

Wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose can look ridiculous unfortunately. If you want to dress for success, you have to wear the appropriate size. If you need help, consult someone who specializes in helping people with their clothing choices so they can find you something that will fit your body.

3. Invest In Good Grooming And Good Clothing

Having your hair washed or wearing deodorant aren’t the only factors that can affect the way you look. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee or a client, it is recommended for you to invest in good grooming and good clothing. People are more likely to converse with you if you look clean and approachable. Good grooming is extremely crucial and it just begins with taking showers, shaving and taking care of your hygiene.

4. Avoid Inappropriate Clothing

When referring to inappropriate clothing in this situation, you want to avoid clothes that are distracting to the eye for others. For women, wearing a see-through blouse or a body hugging dress is probably not the best choice in the workplace. For men, wearing a tank top or gym attire is probably not the best choice in the workplace. It’s all about looking professional so that you can get taken seriously in the professional settings.

5. Wear Clean And Pressed Clothing

The worst thing you can do is to wear clothing that is crumpled and doesn’t look like it has been ironed. It just looks crushed and many people tend to focus more on that then they do what you have to say. When you walk into a room, you want to command everyone’s attention with what you have to say. However, many people lose that attention with a small mistake in their attire.

6. Wear Shoes That Go With Your Outfit

Dressing properly is not only about the tops and skirts or slacks. It also includes shoes. It is necessary that you invest in a few pair of shoes that will go with your professional outfits. One of the biggest mistakes I have seen is someone who wears a great suit or professional outfit and throws on a pair of Nike running shoes with it. It kills the entire outfit and it just looks absolutely ludicrous.

7. Invest In Solid Colors

Rather than having too many professional clothes with tons of different patterns, invest in solid colors. Solid colors not only give out a conservative feeling to others, but it also doesn’t create distracting attire.

8. Play It Safe With Ink, Piercings And Facial Hairs

Nearly 45% of people between 18 and 29 years old have a tattoo however many people still have unfavorable views of inked individuals. It may not be the basis for hiring or getting a client, but it depends a lot on the employer’s age, the industry and the way they feel. If you are in a formal interview or meeting, it is best to take out facial piercings, cover up tattoos and trim your facial hair keeping it clean. You don’t want the way you look to affect your chances of success.


Having a professional wardrobe is one of the primary steps that you can take to achieve success in whatever you choose to do. In this post, I shared with you how to dress for success & impress everyday.

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