How To Write Blog Posts People Actually Want To Read


Regardless of the industry you’re in, blogging is a vital part of any businesses online success. However, a blog is only valuable if it generates traffic and interest from others.



Is your blog putting others to sleep? Or worst, not generating much traffic? Well, there are probably a few problems with your blog posts.



Lucky for you, these issues can be fixed easily. Here are some tips and tricks on how to write blog posts that people actually want to read:



People Judge Blogs By The Title


People always tell you, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Nevertheless, people still do it anyway because it’s our natural response. For blogs, people judge your blog based on the title.



Is your title doing enough to lure readers in? If I asked you to tell me what your blog article was about in 10 seconds, that is what your title would be. Blog posts and content spreads through the title.



If your title puts people to sleep or doesn’t hook readers in, you won’t get much traffic to your blog. Make titles for your blog articles that will actually make people interested in what you have to say.



The Basics


There is no quicker way to lose an audience for your blog if you have basic errors within your posts. Before you publish your post and promote it, do the following:


– Spell Check


– Grammar Check


– Check All Links


– Check Flow Of Sentences


– Make Sure Content Is Relevant To Post


These are the very basics of crafting successful blog articles. Everyone makes typos, spelling errors, and other mistakes, but your readers shouldn’t have to see them! Proofread and revise your blog article before publishing it.



Bring Immense Value


People read blog articles because they’re looking for insight on some sort of topic. Your blog articles MUST bring immense value if you don’t want your readers to fall asleep.



Many bloggers cover the same basics over and over. That’s great, but your audience is probably not interested in hearing about the same thing 10 times. Target your audience and share expertise that can help them.



Knowledge is a big part of success in life. If you can deliver knowledge through your blog articles to others, you will have an audience for life.



Use Interesting Images


One of the biggest things I have learned from blogging is the importance of image choice. Going through the comments on my blog, about 40% of them mention something about the images I have used for a blog post.



People are very visual, especially in the era we are in today. Spend some time to find images for your blog posts that may be entertain or engage your audience further. I always try to find images that compliment the content in my blog articles.



Quality Over Quantity


The great part about blogging is that you don’t have to follow any rules. You can write an article that’s a paragraph long or something that’s 10 pages long. This isn’t like college where your Professor gives you a minimum word count.



With that said, the length of your blog articles should solely be based on the quality of your content. I can probably write a book about how to write blog posts that people actually want to read, but not everything would be high quality content.



Thus, I shrink it into less than 1,000 words and craft it into a blog article. People fall asleep when you overdose them with information. Give them the best information you have so that they stay engaged from start to finish.



Organize Your Posts


Have you ever gone to a blog and it’s a cluster of words all over? The moment I see that, my brain starts to get cramps. I immediately exit the blog and never go back again.



People like to read things that organized. Take my blog as an example, I have lots of text/words but when you first land on my article, you aren’t overwhelmed.



You look at it and you see bolded titles, nice organized paragraphs, and easy to understand content. People are up for the challenge of reading my blog articles just because it looks organized.





Writing great blog posts doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of patience, experimentation, and persistence to be a successful blogger. These tips should set you off on the right path though!



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