Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Entrepreneur

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us (including myself) are doing some last-minute shopping. As an entrepreneur, most of us typically aren’t interested by the ‘usual’ gifts.


I was curious to see what other entrepreneurs wanted for the holidays so I decided to find out. After doing a fun survey that got over 100 responses, I was intrigued by the results.


Many people wanted exactly the same things! Thus, I decided to share my results to help the friends and loved ones of entrepreneurs.


Here are a list of the 10 most popular gifts entrepreneurs wanted this holiday season:


1. Apple – iPad


Over 95% of entrepreneurs placed the i Pad near the top of their Christmas wish list!


2. Flip Cam


Video blogging is going to kick into a whole new level in 2013 because 90% of entrepreneurs also had the Flip Cam at the top of their wish list.


3. Coffee Gift Cards

Entrepreneurs stay up all night and work all day, so it only makes sense that 75% of them wanted gift cards to their favorite coffee houses.


4. Nice Blazer


Over 70% of respondents wanted a nice blazer or jacket so that they can elevate their fashion game in 2013.


5. Luggage


Entrepreneurs are always traveling and take a LOT of stuff with them so it’s no surprise that 50% of them want some durable luggage.


6. Liquor/Wine


We work hard and we play hard! 50% of entrepreneurs wouldn’t mind having some liquor and wine to stock up their cabinets.


7. Gym Membership


40% of entrepreneurs want a gym membership so they can stay fit and keep up with their new years resolutions!


8. Watch


30% of entrepreneurs responded by saying a new watch was also on the top of their Christmas wish list.


9. Comfy Chair


15% of entrepreneurs wanted a new chair that would help rid them of back and neck pains.


10. Vacation


Who can’t use a vacation! 10% of entrepreneurs felt like a nice vacation would help rejuvenate them for the new year.




As you can see from the list above, entrepreneurs are pretty complicated people to shop for. They aren’t satisfied by the typical holiday gifts most others are! However, this list chimes in to show us what the most popular gifts for entrepreneurs are.


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