What Makes For A Great Entrepreneur?


“There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet.”William F. Halsey



Entrepreneurs are everywhere! Everyday more and more individuals dive into entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is growing faster than it has ever before.



Regardless of what we do, everyone wants to be GREAT. Being great in entrepreneurship isn’t always about what you do, but how you do it.



I’m going to share numerous different characteristics, mindsets, and attitudes GREAT entrepreneurs share.



#1. They are passionate about what they build, yet have a purpose that runs far deeper than getting rich quick.



#2. They are courageous far beyond expectation and are willing to suffer the consequences of the risks they take.



#3. They hustle hard because they know hard work pays off.



#4. They are people persons. They have great charisma and people love to be around them.



#5. They dream BIG and understand that nothing is impossible.



#6. They take accountability for their own mistakes.



#7. Their belief is unbreakable. They have a vision and nothing/nobody can stop them from reaching their goals.



#8. They embrace failure, learn from it, and stay persistent.



#9. They are optimistic of the future, realistic about the current situation, and understand of the pessimistic.



#10. They are not afraid to surround themselves with people who are better than them.



#11. They are competitive, understand leverage, and know what it takes to negotiate successfully.



#12. They are open-minded and willing to pivot when change is necessary.



#13. They take nothing for granted, appreciate everything they receive, and continue to give.



#14. They make decisions based on data, results, or other visible factors.



#15. They are self-confident. They don’t worry about whether or not they will be successful, but rather then they will be successful.



#16. They have great humility. They understand that the customer is always right.



#17. They are dedicated and committed to their ventures while they maintain a high level of energy everyday.



#18. They are resourceful, reasonable, and most importantly resilient.



#19. They wake up every morning self-motivated and never have to be told twice on what to do.



#20. Most importantly, they respect everyone around them and are willing to help others in anyway possible.





As you can see, great entrepreneurs are defined not by the amount of money they make but rather the amount of character they have. It’s one thing to be good, but a whole another thing to be great.



photo credit: *eddie via photopin cc

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