12 Ways To Be A Memorable Startup CEO

Nowadays, everyone wants to be a startup CEO, but how do you become a great one? That was my question this week and I sought out to find an answer.



CEO is a whole lot more than a title, which is something everyone should know. CEO is a title that comes with great responsibility. After reading numerous books, studying the greatest CEO’s in history, and getting advice from others……..I truly know what makes a memorable startup CEO.



Here are 12 ways to be a memorable startup CEO:



1. Live and Breathe the Vision


The CEO’s job is to make sure everyone is sticking to the vision. Startups that stray away from their vision lose focus and often end up failing. Great CEO’s know what the vision is and makes sure everyone else in the building is executing the vision.



2. Be Open and Honest


A memorable startup CEO is one that is brutally honest regardless of the situation. Honesty is something every startup needs in order to be successful. You cannot build a thriving startup on lies and it’s the CEO’s job to give out that message from his/her own actions.



3. Learn to Trust Others


Even though there are a lot of crooked people in the world, there are equally as many good people out there. Startup CEO’s must understand they cannot conquer the world on their own and must put trust in the hands of others. Set limits, but be willing to share responsibilities with others.



4. Be Respectable


What you say and what you do clearly defines you and your business. As the CEO of a startup, people look up to you. If you lose the respect of your team, you lose everything. A good CEO knows that his actions, decisions, and words must be respectable and genuine for others to believe in them.


5. Say No To Everything


Most startups have very little money to throw around. Good CEO’s know what the company needs and doesn’t need. If anything deters from the ultimate vision, the CEO knows how to say ‘No’, regardless of how good the offer may sound.



6. Be Tough


I’m a perfectionist and my developers, designers, and team hate me for it very often. Even though they dislike me for the constant changes, I strive for perfection because my startups must have the very best. CEO’s have to be tough and need to do everything possible to get the best output.



7. Carry the Company Through Lows


It’s tough to put on a smile when your business isn’t doing great. Even though CEO’s don’t always need to put on a ‘fake’ smile, they need to motivate and inspire their team to continue working hard. A great CEO knows how to manage and motivate their employees through despair.



8. Give a Damn About People


Most CEO’s are strictly focused on work and how much money they can make. While that will get you good results at first, eventually things will fall apart. You have to care about your team, employees, and partners. It’s important for a CEO to have a heart to heart conversation with their team from time to time.



9. Be Open-Minded


Great CEO’s understand they aren’t always right. The toughest thing for a leader to do is to admit they’re wrong. You need to hear out others and do what’s best for the company even if it’ll hurt your ego a bit. Be willing to listen to others and make decisions based on the benefit of the company.



10. Be a Great Communicator


CEO’s are leaders and visionaries of a startup. They have to convey so many different messages in order to be successful. Whether it’s sharing your message to the public, customers, or your team, everyone looks upon the CEO to be a great communicator.



11. Know When Change Is Needed


CEO’s need to understand when something is not working. There always comes a time where a change needs to be made. The quicker you understand and react, the smoother your business moves. A memorable CEO is one who can predict a cloudy day and act on it, before it ever happens.



12. Don’t Take All The Credit


As a CEO, all the attention (good or bad) falls upon you. When times are good, CEO’s take all the credit and forget about their team. A respectable CEO is one who understands that he/she could not have accomplished anything without others. Give credit to others when credit is due.




As you can see, some of the greatest entrepreneurial leaders have been able to manage the fort. In order to manage the fort and be a memorable startup CEO, you need to do a lot of the following things. basta online casino bonus

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