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How To Use Twitter To Build Relationships & Find Customers


A question I often get asked is, “What is your favorite social network for business?” People are often surprised at my answer. I think Twitter is the most powerful social network for me because of how quickly I can build relationships, find customers and get information about a specific topic or niche.


Twitter is so helpful for me because I think it’s the only social network catered towards busy individuals. It’s such a minimalist platform that doesn’t require a lot of work. You click one button to connect with someone and you’re forced to be short & sweet when introducing yourself to someone with their character limits.


In this post, I’ll share how to use Twitter to build relationships & find customers:


Engage With Everyone 


I’m verified on Twitter and I have over 250,000 followers, but that doesn’t mean that I’m too busy to engage with people. If you want to find customers or build relationships with people on Twitter, you have to be willing to engage with your followers and others that reach out to you.


You don’t have to necessarily spend a lot of time engaging with these individuals because you cannot forget that Twitter is about being short & sweet, but it’s a great way to get acquainted with new followers. Not only that, but you should reach out and follow people that are interesting to you without directly selling your services or asking for something in return.


Utilize Hashtags 


By using hashtags, you’ll be able to find people engaging in conversations that pertain to whatever your industry, niche or field is. If you simply type in a hashtag such as #entrepreneur in the search bar, you can see a list of all the people posting tweets relevant to that topic.


Once you find these hashtags, you can then decide which individuals engaging in those conversations might be someone you’d be interested in reaching out. From there, you should follow them and maybe send them a short tweet introducing yourself while seeing where it goes from there.


Post Relevant Content 


The secret to Twitter is to post really good content. The great thing about Twitter is that you don’t necessarily have to provide original or unique content. You just need to post content that is REALLY good and RELEVANT to the people who are following you.


If you post articles from other resources that are informative, your followers will not care. If you share Tweets or thoughts that are thought-provoking or interesting, your followers will not care. The best way to build relationships and to even possibly get customers is to post a ton of great content through your Twitter feed.


Take It Outside of Twitter


As I mentioned, Twitter isn’t probably the best place to find your next best friend or business partner. Why? Because there simply isn’t enough resources or tools that will allow you to build an in-depth relationship. If you want to be successful with your usage of Twitter, pursue the proper relationships outside of Twitter.


Meet up in person for coffee or set up a phone call or Skype call to meet other people. Especially if it’s someone that you think can become a customer for a service, product or idea that you offer. For friendships and business relationships, you should absolutely find a more open forum where you can connect and network with someone that you meet through Twitter.




In this post, I shared how to use Twitter to build relationships & find customers. What are some things that have worked well for you when it came to Twitter?



How To Launch A Tech Startup For The Non-Techie


Do you have a great tech idea, but you lack the skills and knowledge necessary to build it? Don’t worry. I was exactly where you are at when I first launched my tech company, StatFuse.


Coding? Programming? UI Design? These words were all foreign to me for the most part and I absolutely didn’t have the skills necessary to successfully build out my tech startup. However, I had a great idea for a company that I thought would be successful on the internet.


Instead of giving up or trying to learn how to program (which could have taken months if not years), I decided to get creative and find a way around it. In this blog post, I’ll share with you my strategies on how to launch a tech startup for the non-techie:


Have A Concrete Plan


If you have a great idea, you need to put together a solid plan of how you imagine your idea to work and what your expectations are. This isn’t necessarily a business plan, but rather a plan of action. How do you plan to turn this concept into a money-making machine? That’s the first thing everyone is going to ask you.


Assemble A Team 


Be honest with yourself and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. If you are non-technical, one of your biggest weaknesses clearly revolves around not being able to program, design or code. As a result of that, you need to build a team around the things you aren’t so good at. In this situation, you might make it a necessity to find a technical person to partner up with. You can also see what other things you need help with and try putting together a winning team.


Think MVP


If you’re planning to pay for development or even recruiting a technical person to work with you, you need to get as basic as you can. Many people fall into the trap of building out a beautiful platform from day one, but that’s unrealistic. Your ideas and concepts are unproven and you need to get validation to build a full platform out. Ask yourself what the core concept of your idea is and focus on developing that.


Be Open To Changes


When you aren’t technical, you sometimes have to rely on the expertise of your technical lead when it comes to building your idea out. No matter how great a concept seems in your mind, it might just be physically impossible to push out in the form of code. When this is the case, be open to change and hearing what other ideas your partners and colleagues may have in regards to the feasibility of a concept.




If you aren’t a technical person, but have a tech idea….don’t be discouraged. There’s always a way around it and some of the most successful online startups and businesses in the world were founded by non-technical people. It’s all about using your pool of resources and giving your best.




5 Choices You Must Make Now If You Want To Retire A Millionaire


A million dollar once upon a time seemed like so much money. If you look at it today, some people argue that a million dollars isn’t even enough to retire with and that you need more. Regardless of what your perspective on it is, a million is a million.



Too many people don’t understand what it takes to save enough for retirement and end up working well past the ages of 60-65. If you’re young right now and thinking you have a long time until that age, do NOT ignore this post.



If anything, you are in the drivers seat to have the retirement of your life if you make the right decisions. In this post, I share 5 choices you must make now if you want to retire a millionaire.



1. Set The Goal


Studies have shown that people who write down their goals actually achieve it compare to others who just think or talk about it. Get a piece of paper out or post it up on your bulletin board so that you have a constant reminder of what you plan on doing.



Planning is the only way you can execute on a goal so immense as this. Set some goals on how much income you want to be earning a year, how much you want to save towards your retirement and how much money you want to have for your retirement every 5-10 years.



2. Live Frugally 


Athletes are a prime example of individuals that don’t live frugally. When they make $5 million a year, they tend to spend 95% of that every year. When they get an extension and make $10 million a year, they’re still spending 95% of that every year. How is that possible you ask?



Well, it’s simple. The more money you make, the more material items you become infatuated with. While I’m not going to stop you from treating yourself to nice rewards, it doesn’t mean you need to spend like a maniac. Live frugally so that you’re enjoying, saving & investing.



3. Invest Frequently


The best decision I made ever since the age of 18 was investing my money at chance I got. I made some really foolish investments that lost me a lot of money, but I’ve also made some great ones. The beauty of investing is that you can make returns passively.



There are safe investments and risky ones, but it’s just a matter of how you want to play with your money. I recommend doing a mix of both. If you’re investing more money, go safe. If you’re investing less money, take a risk. If you invest your money for the next 40-50 years, you bet you’re going to get some nice returns every now and then.



4. Don’t Buy Into Credit


The reason why so many people are working late past their retirement age is all because they made horrible financial decisions when they were younger. People accrue debt by using credit instead of debit. Until this day, I’ve never had a credit card of my own.



My thought process is really simple. If I can’t afford it, I don’t need it. Be very careful before you buy into credit and be even more careful about how high of a limit you use. If you give into temptation easily, don’t get a credit card. It’s as simple as that.



5. Work Your Ass Off 


The only real recipe for success is working hard. If you work your ass off, you’re going to eventually get the results you want. If you want to retire a millionaire, it’s not going to happen overnight. It requires a lot of persistence and patience.



The harder you work, the quicker you will get the amount of money you want for retirement. So pull up your sleeves and get to work!





In this post, I shared 5 choices you must make now if you want to retire a millionaire. What are some things that have worked for you?



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How To Tell If Your Business Venture Is Wrong For You


A big misconception is that as long as you become an entrepreneur, you will be happy. However, I found out from firsthand experience that it isn’t always the case. When you become an entrepreneur, there are millions of different ways you can channel your passion.



Do it the wrong way and you’ll probably have some of the same feelings you had when you worked a job or did something else you didn’t truly enjoy. Instead of pursuing a business you aren’t in love with, it’s always a great idea to find something you do truly enjoy.



In this post, I share how to tell if your business venture is wrong for you:



It’s All About The Money


My first company at 17 was a multimedia agency that created websites, mobile applications and videos for other businesses. It took me just about a year and a half to figure out that this business was all wrong for me. Why?



I liked what I did, but I mainly cared about the money. It was a cash-driven business. I did anything and everything possible to make the most money possible. Other then that, it wasn’t something I was really passionate about. I just enjoyed it because I was in charge and I was making money on my own.


You Aren’t Focused On Growing


When you’re in the right business, you are constantly focused on growing and getting to the next level. However, if you get to a certain point and become satisfied with what you have, you might be in the wrong business.



Growth is crucial for anyone who wants to be massively successful with their entrepreneurial venture. If you lose focus of that and stop growing, you’ll be in a lot of trouble.



You Still Have A Lack Of Motivation And Enthusiasm 


Not having motivation or enthusiasm when working a job you dread is completely understandable. However, when that lack of motivation carries over to your business, it’s not a positive sign at all.



The whole point of starting a business that is your own is that you are completely focused on being successful with it. If you lose motivation after some time or even enthusiasm, you need to reorganize your priorities and ask yourself if you’re in the right industry.



You Have Doubts


When you know you’re following your passion, you have no doubts. You are laser-focused on your goals and you don’t stop until you get there. If you’re having doubts, then this business might not be right for you.



Those people who have had uncanny faith in their businesses are the ones that have been successful. Self-confidence is everything when you’re an entrepreneur. If you don’t believe in your own vision, it’s going to be really hard convincing others to believe in it.





In this post, I shared my tips on how to tell if your business venture is wrong for you. If that is the case, you need to reflect and see how you can change it for the better.



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6 Things That Make Entrepreneurs Work Harder Than Ever


Every entrepreneur has to work hard if they want to be successful. If you’re looking for luck, you need to play the lottery. Entrepreneurship is a brutal lifestyle that only a few people in the world can really handle.



If you’re having trouble find the motivation or inspiration you need to work hard, then this post might be able to help. I’ll share 6 things that make entrepreneurs work harder than ever:



1. Tough Times


Mark Cuban has often said that entrepreneurs who have had a tougher time end up being more successful. Why? Well, the answer is rather simple. When you are going through times, you have extra motivation to change your situation. Someone who has a good life has to seek outside motivation to really succeed at something specific.



2. Partners Holding You Accountable


The great thing about starting a company is that you have a team of individuals who are just as passionate about an idea or business as you are. With that in mind, everyone on the team should have one common goal. When someone sees one of their team members losing sight of that goal, it’s their job to put them back on the right path.



3. Investors, Mentors or Advisers


If you are lucky enough to get an investor in your business, you’ll have all the pressure you need to make sure you’re getting your shit done. For those businesses that are still in an earlier stage, bring on a mentor or adviser that will help you become successful. They can offer insight to your business while also keeping you on track as an entrepreneur making sure that you’re always working hard.



4. Chasing Passion Instead Of Money


If you love doing something, you don’t have to worry about working hard. There’s a reason why entrepreneurs can work 80 hours happily without getting paid while people can barely get out of bed when having to work 40 hour weeks. It’s all about loving what you do and allowing your passion to push you to the top.



5. First Signs Of Success


When I first started out as an entrepreneur, I was working hard but it wasn’t to my full potential. It only took me a couple months to get my first pay day and to see some signs of success for me to take it to a whole another level. Everyone sometimes needs to see that what they are doing is actually going to work before they make their work an obsession.



6. Positive Feedback


If you’ve ever launched a mobile application, the most exciting thing in the world is seeing a positive review. The same goes for a service business or product-driven business. Getting positive testimonials or feedback from others is a great motivator. Seeing that your work is creating value and making a difference is one of the greatest feelings in the world.





In this article, I shared 6 things that make entrepreneurs work harder than ever. What are some things that have pushed you to work extremely hard?



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My Guide For Building Your Own Brand


Personal brands are extremely important, but many people tend to overlook them. They tend to forget all about themselves and focus on branding their business only. Don’t worry, I was the same way until I learned a valuable lesson.



After founding my first company, which was a multimedia agency, I focused solely on the marketing efforts of my business. After just over 2 years of running the company, I had to sell that business. After doing so, I was unknown in the world.



It was like I had just lost all my credit cards and ID cards before I got dropped off into a whole new world. It was at this time I realized that I had to build a personal brand. No matter what I did in my career, my personal brand would come with me.

In this article, I share my guide for building your own brand:



Find Your Unique Angle


To really have a personal brand that stands out and is as effective as it can be, you need to find what makes you unique. For me, I decided to go along with the angle of how I was a young entrepreneur trying to set the bar high.



That perspective really worked for me. Everything from my social media profiles to my presentations included my age and the fact that I was a ‘young entrepreneur’. It allowed me to quickly separate myself from the tons of other entrepreneurs.



Create A Personal Website


You are currently on my personal website. It simply has my first and last name while it features a variety of different pages. I chose to include a blog to share my thoughts, some pages that show the various services I offer and a couple of other pages that help you get to know me better.



Depending on what you aim to do with your personal brand, you can do any of those things or even do something completely different. However, if you have a website with your name locked in…..it establishes you as a presence on the web.




Find Ways To Create Value


Whether you’re branding a human being or a company, you always need to be giving some kind of intrinsic value to your audience. My personal brand’s value proposition is really the fact that I’ll share my experiences and lessons with you while trying to motivate you to do big things.



Everybody is really good at creating value in one way or another. You need to find a way to tie your strength to your personal brand. The more value you create, the better chance you have of converting individuals to loyal followers.



Be Socially Active


Social media is extremely important for any brand nowadays. Not only that, but it’s highly important that you connect with your audience through social media.



Social media is great because it’s an easy way to connect with a wide variety of audiences. You can share your thoughts, comments and opinions easily with a group of loyal followers. Create profiles on major social media profiles and convey your brand through these networks.



Network, Network, Network


Networking is extremely important. Many people go out and simply want to hand out a business card about their company while sharing all of the ways their business can help. However, I highly recommend against that.



When I went networking, I had a business card of just myself. It was a business card for my personal brand. Instead of trying to sell them on my businesses, I sold them on myself. I talked about who I was, what I did and they would pick and choose the things they wanted to know more about.





Building a personal brand can never be done overnight. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to build a solid personal brand that can make an impact.



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How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog


With the resources available nowadays, anyone can essentially start a blog rather quickly. However, starting your own blog is just the first step. The second and much harder step is driving a steady stream of traffic to your blog without spending a lot of money.



Without spending a single dollar on marketing my blog, I’ve been able to get hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to my articles.



In this article, I’ll share my tips on how to get more traffic to your blog:



Target Your Content


There are two types of readers that you will come across on your website. There are those that are constantly sharing your content and then another group of individuals who are just reading, but not sharing.



You need to narrow down the audience that is sharing your posts actively so that you can craft your content to cater towards them. I quickly found out that the younger audience on my site was more likely to share articles. Thus, I began crafting more content that would target them specifically.



Get Involved In The Community


Given the number of blogs that are out there in the blogosphere, you don’t have to worry too much about ‘competitors’. The reason is that the same person is very likely to read multiple blogs.



You can reach out to other bloggers in your sphere and ask if you can guest post on their site. It helps them because they are getting more content while you’re writing is being presented in front of a new audience. Find ways to work with other blogs to create mutually beneficial relationships.



Make Your Blog SEO Friendly


Most blogs are built on WordPress. There are numerous SEO tools available that help you get your content visible on the search engines. I personally love using Yoast SEO, which is a free plugin available for WordPress.



By installing these plugins, you are easily able to customize URL’s, meta titles, meta descriptions and keywords for your article. These are all of the vital elements that help you rank on the search engines.



Actively Share Your Posts On Social Media


Social media is a great way to promote your content through the web. It is vital that you have profiles created on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + so that you can share your newest blog posts with your audience.



It’s not always about getting unique visitors to your blog, but rather getting a large base of loyal readers. Social media sites such as Twitter can help you keep your audience close to you so that they know whenever you post a new blog article.



Pay Attention To Your Analytics


I personally recommend using Google Analytics if you’re looking for a free solution that gets the job done. I use that on my blog and it tells me exactly how much traffic I’m getting, where the traffic is coming from and how long they are spending on my site.



These are three key metrics that everyone should focus on when trying to increase traffic to their blog. When you see a specific marketing strategy working better than the others, you focus more of your efforts on that specific factor.





Getting traffic to your blog is a long and challenging process. In this article, I shared some of my tips on how to get more traffic to your blog. What are some things that have worked specifically well for you?



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10 Helpful Tips For Using Twitter For Marketing


Twitter is an underrated marketing tool that many people often tend to overlook. For me, it’s been one of the most successful ways to market myself and my businesses.



Many businesses and personal brands have been thriving for the last few years when they have unlocked the tricks behind using Twitter. In this article, I share my 10 helpful tips for using Twitter for marketing:



1. Create A Professional Profile


The image for your profile picture is 81 x 81 pixels. The image for your header is 520 x 260 pixels. Make sure you get a graphic designer to professionally create these images for you so that you reflect your brand properly.



2. Post More Than General Messages


Everyone wants to sell more merchandise or get more customers using Twitter, but it’s not that easy. Don’t bore your followers and potential customers by sharing the same boring stuff. Look for unique content or posts that you can share with your audience.



3. Actively Check Your Mentions


Speedy responses are a great way to stay connected with your audience. If someone has a comment, question or concern….they should be able to tweet at you. Check it every few hours and make sure you provide helpful answers to your mentions. It’ll make your brand look a little better.



4. Use Hashtags The Right Way


Hashtags aren’t a way to spam random words or phrases into each of your posts. That’s the easiest way to look like an amateur. If you want to use hashtags properly, search for different phrases. Go through these phrases that are relevant to your business or brand and see how you can make a splash.



5. Tweet Consistently And Regularly


The more you tweet from your profile, the healthier your account is. I try posting 3-4 times a day on my personal Twitter account. The key to Twitter marketing is to ensure you have a high level of engagement with your audience. The more tweets you put out, the better your engagement numbers will be.



6. Follow The Trends


Twitter has a trending section on the left that shows you the most popular things that are taking place at a specific time. If you put your brand or business in more of the trending topics (relevant ones), you will have more people looking at your business. If you tag your posts with trending hashtags, you can raise awareness for your brand easily.



7. Images And Videos Convert Well


No matter what social network you are on, you’ll find that images and videos tend to convert better than anything else. Twitter works just the same even though most posts are driven through text. If you can find images or videos to mix in with your posts, that’ll get more eye balls to your page.



8. Integrate Twitter With Your Other Marketing Methods 


If you have a blog or website, make sure you are finding a way to connect your site with your social media profiles. For example, I have a “Follow Me” button and a Twitter feed showing my latest posts on my website. If you can get your visitors to convert to followers, you are putting your potential customers closer than before.



9. Action Words Have Higher CTR’s 


If you’re looking for a higher click-through-rate, you need to include action words that feature verbs and adverbs in your posts. Marketers have analyzed over 200,000 links that have contained tweets and they quickly found out that verbs and adverbs had much higher CTR’s than tweets that were heavy with adjectives and nouns.



10. Be Authentic 


The key to Twitter is that a ton of different personalities are active on it. You need to be original and authentic with the way you post your content on that network. Showcase your brand through your tweets, don’t be too focused on putting up a fake front. Authenticity always win at the end.





In this article, I shared my 10 helpful tips for using Twitter for marketing. What are some tips that have worked especially well for you?



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8 Types Of Content That Can Drive You A Lot More Traffic


Most recently, I have become really interested in the world of content. Not only did I start a new company in the content marketing space, DailyMondo but I have also been focusing a lot of my time in this space.



Whether you start your own blog, publication or just decide to share stuff on the side, it’s all about maximizing your efforts. I learned quickly that it isn’t the amount of time you spend but rather how you spend your time that will make your content marketing efforts successful.



Here are 8 types of content that can drive you a lot more traffic:



1. Infographics


Infographics are really awesome. They take information or data and present it in a really visual way. Not only are they easy to view because of how little time you need to spend, but they tend to also get shared far more often.



Whether you decide to take popular infographics from the internet or decide to create your own, you can get a lot of traffic by sharing this type of content. Be sure that you use an info graphic when you want to communicate an interesting statistic, research, or point of data.



2. Pictures 


When I tried marketing DailyMondo.com and trying to get it to go viral through Facebook, I realized my text posts were underperforming. Then, I had the brilliant idea of trying to share images.



DING DING DING! I had a winner. From my preliminary research, I found that images, memes and other types of photos relevant to your audience tend to perform a lot better. You get more shares and more views.



3. Opinion Posts 


When I first started my blog, I didn’t think anyone gave a shit about what I had to say. Turns out, a lot of people care what others have to say. Whether they agree with you or not, it doesn’t really matter.



The thing that matters is whether or not you’re drawing attention towards your content and getting people to get involved. I learned from my blog that my opinionated posts tend to have the most comments and the most shares.



4. Videos


Videos are probably the holy grail of media content that you can share on the internet. After experimenting with a bunch of different media types on DailyMondo, we quickly realized that video was the best choice.



Why? Well, videos tend to keep the audience engaged for the longest period of time and require them to do the least amount of work. Whether you decide to make your own videos or share existing videos, it’s a great way to drive some extra eyeballs towards your content.



5. Lists 


I don’t know what it is about lists, but they tend to convert really well. Some of the most shared posts in the whole internet have just been simple lists that had some really captivating content.



If you have a topic or genre that would be really good for creating a list with, give it a shot. Here’s the first ever list style post I did and it still gets traffic until this day. The post featured 50 great quotes about entrepreneurship here.



6. Interviews Or Podcasts


A lot of my great friends are interviewers or podcasters that have had huge successes. Take one good friend for example, John Lee Dumas generates 6 figures a month all from his site EntrepreneurOnFire where he shares interviews with entrepreneurs doing amazing things.



While it is crucial to note that John is one of the most hard-working individuals ever who redefined this space by doing 1 interview a day, this type of content has a lasting effect. The interviewed person tends to share their success with their audience while others looking for help indulge themselves in the content.



7. Current Events


With social media sites taking a strong focus on the ‘Trending’ section, you can drive a lot of traffic to your page by timing posts really well. For example, my friend released a post about Mayweather and why an education was important no matter how successful you were just weeks ago.



He released the post right after 50 Cent offered Mayweather a huge chunk of cash if he would read him a page from Harry Potter. Since the topic was hot, people clicked through to his post at a ridiculous rate. He generated over 50,000 hits that weekend!



8. The Authentic Stuff


At the end of the day, you can only fake so much of it. At some point, you need to come up with original content that is real and appealing to your audience.



This content can be the hardest to curate, but it’s probably going to give you the most long-term value. My blog is an example of authentic content I share from a lot of my personal experiences.





In this article, I shared 8 types of content that can drive you a lot more traffic. What are some things that have worked really well for you?



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5 Beautiful Truths About Starting Your Own Business


Starting a business has become more and more popularized in recent times. I remember going to India a few years back and talking with people in the country who had big entrepreneurial dreams.



However, many of these individuals were terrified of creating their own business. After poking around, I found out that the idea of entrepreneurship was extremely frowned upon in India. It was looked at as a sophisticated way of saying that you were jobless.



Not many of us are us lucky those who live in the United States or England. In these countries,  entrepreneurship is highly promoted and looked at as a very good choice for many. I found all my success thanks to launching my own businesses.



If you are on the fence about starting your own business, here are 5 beautiful truths about starting your own business that may change your mind:



1. Freedom Is A Great Feeling


When I started my first business, I wasn’t looking for money more than I was looking for a way to escape the 9 to 5 life. Making money in my businesses was obviously a big goal since it gave me the freedom to stay away from jobs.



When you start your own business, you have complete freedom. This can be good or bad for many people. However, most people love having control on what they want to make, how they want to make it and who they decide to bring on their team.



2. You Have Endless Potential


When you work a job, you’re constricted by the salary and bonuses that your employer dictates. Even if you’re the top performing individual in a certain space, you will still never earn truly what your worth. If you do the math, the company will always be making a profit off of your work.



When you start your own business, things change. You finally get the opportunity to get compensated for everything you’re worth. It’s a much riskier path, but you aren’t constricted by a yearly salary. The harder you work and the better results you deliver, the more success you will achieve.



3. There Is No Substitute For Passion


Starting your own business is an amazing feeling. The rush and drive you feel when building your company is absolutely exhilarating. There is no greater substitution for career happiness than being passionate about the shit you’re doing.



It would be damn near foolish to start a business if you weren’t passionate about the ideas, products or sector. Thus, going under the assumption that you build a business that focuses around your passions, you won’t have any problems putting your heart and soul into the business.



4. Everything Is More Rewarding


Before becoming an entrepreneur at 17, nothing really got me truly excited. Everything was cool or sick to me, but it wasn’t something that got my adrenaline pumping. When I had to deal with various challenges in my business, everything changed.



Each time I overcame a big challenge or scored a juicy deal, I felt like a winner. It was like playing in game 7 of the NBA finals and hitting the game-winning shot. When you start your own business, the successes you have along the way feel a lot better and are far more rewarding.



5. Success Is In Your Hands


When you work a job, you can do the best damn job possible and still get fired. The greatest part about running your own business is knowing that you control your destiny/future.



The more successful your business is, the more successful you will be. You’re not relying on someone else to write you a paycheck at the end of the month and you sure as hell don’t have to kiss any asses. Being in charge is a great feeling!





For those of you who have been on the fence about starting your own business, I hope this article was some additional motivation to start now. In this post, I shared 5 beautiful truths about starting your own business.



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